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Chapter 1468 Side Story of Jaden, She hurts

Rachel still wanted to say something to Sethaden like a female hooligan, only that her mouth was already sealed by him.

Since he had offered his kiss, he would not let him go.

She drew circles around his heart, "Sethaden, are you going to give yourself to me or not? If you don't give me yourself, I'll bite my tongue and kill myself now, and you won't be able to save your Scarlet!"


Sethaden bellowed, but he knew in his heart that he would suddenly become so angry, not because Rachel didn't want to save Scarlet, but because he was angry at her for not taking her body seriously, for wanting to bite her tongue at every turn.

"Sethaden, I'll give you time to think! Do you want me to be your Scarlet's blood bank for a long time, or, do you want to just make a one-time deal and bleed me once to save your Scarlet before I kill myself?!"

This woman was getting ahead of herself!

Sethaden really felt that what Rachel said about suicide, biting her tongue and so on, was too harsh, and he kissed her mouth again fiercely so that she would stop saying anything else to sting him.

Rachel knew that Sethaden was trying to give him to her so that she could be a blood bank for his Scarlet for a long time to come.

Rachel was somewhat happy to be able to take advantage of the opportunity to conceive her baby, but when she thought that he had done all this for Scarlet, there was an indescribable sadness in her heart.

But, if she didn't want him who came to her door, then she would really be a fool.

If she couldn't even keep a man's body, it would be even harder to get his heart.

She put down all the sadness in her heart, Rachel hugged Sethaden tightly, she put on a heartless look and spoke to him, "Honey, since you have taken the initiative to throw into my arms, I will love you today!"

With that, she reached out her hands and began to tug at the clothes on his body.

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looked at the large porcelain bowl on the table and couldn't help but tighten

furrowed, he hurriedly spoke again, "But General, you don't need to worry, I will prescribe some blood tonic medicine for Miss Rachel, after today's bloodletting,

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