Chapter 303: Dream on!

‘As long as I’m a daughter of the Riddle family!’

No one knew what Norah was thinking.

After school, Nicole went to the café, as usual, to provide tutoring to Austin and the others.

Upon going through their homework, she gave them a somewhat satisfied nod.

“Your revision is going great. It looks like you guys weren’t stupid, just that you weren’t studying.” After tutoring them for the past dozen days, Nicole found out that they were all smart students but were simply just too playful.

After receiving a rare compliment, a clear look of joy appeared on the faces of Austin and the others. Austin patted his chest as he guffawed.

“Well, because of who my boss is!”.

too appeared in Nicole’s eyes as she looked

go back to look after Mr. Riddle Sr. taking his medicine, so it was better for her to

and the others nodded as they packed their things up. The few people said their goodbyes outside the café as

at all.She had already sent out a message, yet

gate by then and ignored the

like everyone looking at

in school. Yet, just as she got to the school

master wishes to see you, so come with us!” Nicole then took a peek at the car behind them and immediately understood

as a

“Not going.”

from Christo Rogers and drove to the Royal Creek institute with his personal vehicle to pick Nicole up. They thought that she would have

“Sorry about this!”

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