Chapter 304

Jared did not even deign to look at the two as his eyes were affixed to Nicole.

Nicole, too, looked at him as she ignored the two men behind her and walked toward him.

When Jared saw her movements, the smile on his face deepened.

How could the two men just watch as Nicole leave like that? They stepped forward and wanted to grab Nicole by her hand, yet Nicole seemed to have eyes at the back of her head as she deftly avoided that with a shake of her shoulder.

As he watched the two men’s movement, a cold glint appeared in Jared’s eyes. Seeing that they were still coming forward, he tossed the car key in his hand at the two, hitting the first under the ribs before rebounding to the second, hitting the person in his waist.

he did not use much strength,

his movements, and a look of appreciation appeared

your opponent’s strength against himself. That’s the greatest

two of them as he bent over gently to

hands slipped.” The two were squirming in pain and froze the moment they heard Jared’s words. Immediately after, they rolled even more in a frenzy. Yet, what could they do when their livers were already so painful

not say much as he blinked at Nicole.

as Nicole got

started the car

you. Nice

the two bodyguards behind them. Jared gave Nicole a glance, and there

“Sit tight.”

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