Chapter 305

Shawn nodded as he looked down. Mr. Rogers Sr. did not notice the faint mockery in his eyes and thought that he did not mind his rough language earlier. Thus he liked this son even more in his heart.

He got Shawn to sit on the sofa beside him as he looked on anxiously in the direction of the main door.

Just as Mr. Rogers Sr. wanted to get up to go to the door, the main door of the manor was opened as the two men he sent hurriedly walked in.

Mr. Rogers Sr. looked over with some agitation, yet when he saw no one behind them, his entire expression turned icy.

“Give me a good reason. Why didn’t you two bring Nicole back?” The two bodyguards looked at his terrifying expression, and even the muscular-looking man’s voice trembled as he spoke. 

“We wanted to bring Miss Riddle over, but we ran into Mr. Johnston.”

‘‘Mr. Johnston?’

Mr. Johnston?’  The bodyguard said cautiously, “The very person you

Nicole during his birthday banquet. He had

did not expect Jared was still being ambiguous with

from the Riddle family, the Riddle family had never announced to the outside world

was why when Nicole wanted out of the arrangement, Jared

very few people in the outside world knew that the two had a marriage arrangement. Mr. Rogers Sr. squinted his pair of darkened eyes. He slowly made his way to the two bodyguards with a strange look on his face. The two were so afraid they dared not move and could only

twice, he stood before them as he suddenly let out a faint smile. Just as the two breathed a sigh of relief, each of them was

gaze as he watched Mr. Rogers Sr. venting his temper as he took up his walking stick and hit the two hard at the bend

walking stick was no joke. With just the two hits, the legs of both of them went weak as they almost fell onto the ground. Mr. Rogers Sr. panted in exhaustion as he cursed at them. “Useless! The two of you,

Shawn saw them still standing there, he frowned a little as he hissed. “Why are the two of you still standing

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