Chapter 309

Daniel was surprised by Mr. Riddle Sr.’s request, but he quickly nodded in agreement and called out, “Wait a minute, Nicole.Your grandpa wants to have a few words with you.” 

Nicole was stopped in her tracks upon hearing that.

Daniel left the room, leaving plenty of room for the two of them.

Mr. Riddle Sr. looked at Nicole from behind and sighed softly.

“Come over, Nicole,” he said with no hesitation.

Nicole turned her head and looked at Mr. Riddle Sr. with clear, cold eyes.She knew that Mr. Riddle Sr. was semi-conscious during the operation.

So he probably knew that she was the one who had operated on him.

“Grandpa, you should take a good rest.” She was not a person who likes to take credit for everything, so she did not want Mr. Riddle Sr.’s thanking her.

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me well, we are always a family.”

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and my precious granddaughter.” Earlier, when he saw Nicole was self-motivated, he started to change his mind about her and supported her in taking part in

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she was the one who cured him, he looked her in the eyes and said slowly and clearly, “Please convey my gratitude to the surgeon who operated

looked at Mr. Riddle Sr. and knew that he was helping her

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looked back and nodded at Mr. Riddle

she said. Mr. Riddle Sr.looked thankful and emotional when he heard Nicole’s

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