My Wife Is My Life!

Chapter 182 The Chief Designer Of SS

"Who are you?" shocked everyone. They had never thought that the young man introduced by Miss Renee would be such a hot tempered woman.

When Vana saw that Brandon's expression changed from disbelief to anger, before everyone could react, Brandon slapped Vana with his bare hand. Renee screamed in surprise, "stop!", but Brandon's action was so fast that no one could stop him.

Vana had never known that a person who claimed to be a master would be so stingy to be rude in front of others. In order to design a clean environment in the industry, Vana did not dodge this palm.

Because she wanted to use this public opinion to completely kick Brandon out of the circle.

And if she stopped or fought back, she would not be on the side of the weak and would not provoke the crowd.

As expected, the original design masters in the room began to blame Brandon, and the most angry one was Renee. After all, she had a special relationship with Vana, and when she saw the people she hated to bully Vana, she couldn't bear such anger.

"Brandon, what are you doing? What happened to my party? And Vana was invited here as my distinguished guest. How dare you come to my box to beat my distinguished guest? Give me a reasonable explanation now. "

"That's right. Brandon, you've gone too far this time? We don't care about borrowing other people's ideas, but is it necessary for you to do so? It's normal that a junior doesn't know you. Why do you hit her just for a word? "

"Borrow, it sounds so good. He is just a plagiarist, and he caused other's death. Is he shameless? He had never heard of "JRY"? Why didn't he slap himself on the face and ask himself? His "Beauty RY" copied the pattern of "JRY" without any modification. It was changed from emerald jewelry to red agates, but it was plagiarized. Why is he so arrogant? "

"Ha, ha, you are so kind, Albert. At this time, you still don't want to tell us that he has plagiarized several of your ideas. Some of your works haven't been released normally. Isn't it because of this scum? How much have you lost for this? Can you bear it? "

Albert, is really like

Miss Renee. But... Alas, it's been a long time. I'm too lazy

Brandon is a good man. He hit people in order to vent his anger. It's not

Renee, what's

Renee. Kim stood beside Renee solemnly, while Renee held Vana in her arm and stared at Brandon

situation before, and he had always been careful in front of others. How could he be trapped

their discussion? Besides, I didn't do it

attention first, and then turn the big

and first-hand information of several masters in the name of communication study before, so those people who gave

he said that, Albert and other masters who had been plagiarized really couldn't tell him how they had been cheated.

can't be trusted. Miss Renee, let me remind you, don't be cheated by this

said scornfully, "Do you mean that Vana approached me because she wanted to get

"Of course!"

and now she is the spokesperson of SS Jewelry on the international platform. She earned all these by herself, and has nothing to do with me, the senior who


shocked. What did they hear? The chief designer of SS Jewelry?

famous as

with many big foreign brands over the years

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