My Wife Is My Life!

Chapter 184 Start Making Jewelry Tomorrow

"Well, since Miss Renee said so, I will wait for the final result. But before that, I have to remind you one more thing. Miss Renee said before that I have no right to question Vana's ability, because she will be the future chief designer of SS Jewelry. If Vana is not recognized by everyone this time, does it mean that she is not qualified for this position?"


"Brandon, what do you mean?" Renee didn't understand why Brandon was against Vana. Was it because Vana stood up for them and wanted to drive Brandon away?

Brandon smiled, "Nothing. I just want to ask if it makes sense. If Vana had no ability, why did she become the chief designer of SS Jewelry? This is not a circle that can get a position only by beauty. Miss Renee, if you don't want my words to become a reality, then don't give this position to a vase which only has a good appearance."


Renee finally knew that Brandon was waiting for him here.

If the assessment of the competition proved that Vana did not have the strength, it meant that SS Jewelry was a company that did not pay attention to the design itself and only cared about the surface publicity and packaging, and SS Jewelry would also be questioned by the outside world because of this.

What Renee didn't know was that Brandon intended to get the position taking advantage of Renee. If what Brandon said was true, then the status of Renee in the society would be doubted, and the person who pointed out this fact would be praised as a hero.

Anyway, it was too late to regret now. Renee and all of other people were all fooled by Brandon.

Noticing that Renee was in a dilemma, Vana wanted to find an excuse to apologize and let it go. She didn't care about it herself, but she had to do so as it was related to the reputation of Renee and SS Jewelry.

At this moment, Kim, who had been standing aside, walked up. He patted on Renee's shoulder and said in a tone of discussion, "Renee, just do as Brandon said. We have to trust Vana."


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year of experience can participate in this competition. If you agree, I will hold it with Miss Renee, and if you don't agree, we won't agree either." Kim spoke out the requirements of the competition, and the

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For half of the time, Vana had added the elders' Skype and business cards. Finally, after dinner, everyone left with something on

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just discussed to set the competition as late as possible! Maybe it is held in the next year. It's more than a month before the new year, and

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