Nemesis Game

Chapter 81 Did You Not Eat?

Luke suddenly made things difficult for her, and even Director Solomon was stunned.

Samantha looked back at him. Their eyes met in the air, and she felt a coldness.

She did not need to find a double to kneel for her, but it hurt to kneel on the debris all over the floor.

Luke did it on purpose?


She froze in place as if her brain had stopped functioning.

The crowd heard it all and couldn't help but cast a strange look at Samantha.

"Mr. Baker, there is no need to find a special angle for this scene, but the porcelain tiles on the ground will hurt the actress, so I got a stand-in." Director Solomon stammered and was afraid of angering Luke.

Why was he so unlucky? Gabriel stepped down, but Luke was even worse.

If Helena knelt on the porcelain tile, she would be injured.

Luke narrowed his eyes. "How? Is this scene challenging for Mrs. Powell? She can't do this? Will she die if she kneels?"

Director Solomon understood what he meant in a second. So he was coming for Samantha?

Originally, this kind of scene was supposed to be played by a stand-in, but Luke had said that he could not find a stand-in and let the female lead act in person. Director Solomon did not dare to go against Luke.

The sponsor had spent a lot of money to make this movie, so of course, he wanted everything to look true.

"Mr. Baker ... but the actress will be injured. She still has scenes to shoot later." Director Solomon understood that he was making things difficult for Samantha, which may have involved a partisan battle at Universal Entertainment.

Gabriel and Luke, either of which he could not afford to offend.

"Helena, if you're afraid you'll get hurt, or if you admit you can't shoot, then you can go. I will change to a female lead who dares to act. Since you are in the position of the female lead, you should do everything for real. I invest so much money, and the most important thing I care about is quality." Luke said nonchalantly.

Today she had to act in person. Even if she had to kneel on top of the debris all over the floor, she had to do it herself!

Luke was the person in charge here. As long as he said he was not satisfied, that meant no. If she didn't shoot, then he could replace her at any time.

This was the benefit of having the power.

And Luke seemed to be determined to make things difficult for her, and preferably, to force her out of the crew.

Would she? She wouldn’t let Luke get what he wanted. She wouldn’t let Gabriel's sacrifice go to waste.

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