Nemesis Game

Chapter 84 You Are No Better

Ruben’s words were full of provocation. Luke looked calm as usual and he pressed all the coldness and viciousness in his heart.

The corner of his lips curled up, “Thanks for Mr. Knight’s suggestion, I will definitely sit on this position and never fall off easily to let somebody happy.”

No one knew who was the ‘somebody’ that he referring to.

It might be Gabriel or Ruben.

Although Luke was not willing to be Ruben’s enemy, Ruben shouldn’t blame him for being bad if he helped Gabriel to seize power!

Samantha’s consciousness was a little fuzzy. She grabbed his arm tightly but accidentally touched the wound on the back of her hand. She couldn’t bear the pain and took a deep breath.

It was hard for her to believe that Ruben would stand up for her today.

She wished to tell herself that everything in front of her was a dream and this happening was just her fantasy.

But the breath of Ruben around her was so strong and his temperature was so real that she had no reason to suspect the reality of all the things in front of her at the moment.

She grabbed his arm and the temperature of her palm passed through his suit to the depths of his blood.

He glanced at Luke with a smile at the corner of his mouth, but his eyes were full of gloomy light as if horrible troubles were about to arrive.

“It seems that Mr. Baker is very confident.” He chuckled lightly.

Luke smiled too. He squinted his eyes, “As the heir of the Baker family, how can I not be confident?”

Ruben realized that Samantha’s situation was getting worse. He sneered and hugged her sideways, walking out of the set directly.

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