Nemesis Game

Chapter 85 No One Has Ever Treated Me Well

As soon as those words came out, Ruben’s eyes that were staring at Samantha became sharper and colder. That kind of cruelty seemed to penetrate her eyes instantly.

She was suffocated, pressing her pale lips tightly.

Ruben gritted his teeth and said, “So you think that I am the same as Luke?”

In his words, there was all contempt and sneer as he was looking down on Luke. Also, he was very angry at Samantha’s words.

He didn't want to care more about her, but he didn't know what was wrong with him. When Clara called him and said that Luke was creating difficulties for her in the crew, he thought that Gabriel would care about her.

Without even thinking about it, he put aside his important meeting and drove directly to the set.

When he heard Clara call for help, her indifferent and stubborn face just appeared in his mind, as well as the sadness that she hid in the dark.

He recalled her sad and desperate look. Therefore, he came for her without any hesitation.

But what did she mean? It was okay that she didn’t appreciate it but how could she humiliate him?

Samantha looked at him with her cold eyes. Her throat and flesh seemed to have been scalded and there was the strong smell of blood wandered around in her mouth. Her voice was hoarse, “No, you all are different.”

‘Luke could hurt me, but it was just a physical wound.’

‘However, the pain you gave me was as hurtful as a maggot eroding my bone.’

One was the wound on the body and the other was the wound in the heart. Would he still ask who hurt her more?

Ruben wanted to say something, but Samantha lowered her eyes and her fingers that circled his neck were a little trembling.

There was a burst of pain between the joints which made her stiff and dare not move.

Her hand hurt, her knee hurt and her heart hurt... Every cell in her body was clamoring due to the pain.

She was about to be drowned in pain and she would never see any hope in her whole life.

When Ruben saw her pretending to be strong, the softness in his heart was touched.

He didn't continue speaking. He just held her coldly and continued walking out.

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