No One But You

Chapter83 The Story of Calvin and Bonnie

I had never been interested in prying into others’ business, so I didn’t like to do profiles and was only interested in some valuable social news.

Mrs. Angel handed me a cup of hot tea, which I held in my hands.

She didn’t care whether I wanted to listen or not and said, “Bonnie was Calvin’s first secretary when he was still the general manager of DonHiu Group.”

I took a sip of tea. It was a little bit hot and burned the tip of my tongue.

“Bonnie was born in a poverty-stricken family, which was not only poor but also had a bad reputation. She doesn’t have a father. Her mother had worked in that kind of business, and she was given birth to under that situation.”

That kind of business, which I understood immediately after giving it a thought.

She didn’t know who her father was, probably nor even did her mother know.

Such family background was far contrasting with Calvin’s. Master Knight would probably be out of his mind if he agreed to let Calvin marry her.

By contrast, though I was born in a normal family, our family background was clear and three generations had been peasants.

Maybe Master Knight compared me with Bonnie and was less against it when Brooke was marrying me.

I continued to drink my tea, and ate the snacks Stella brought just now. They were freshly baked, savory and crispy.

Angel continued, “When Bonnie was a secretary, she hadn’t graduated from university yet and was only a high school student.”

“Were the recruitment criteria of DonHiu Group this low a few years ago?” I couldn’t help but interject.

“What a coincidence. Calvin had recruited a group of college students before, but he was not satisfied, so he lowered the criteria. As long as one could work as a secretary, the requirements was met. Bonnie was virtuous and organized whatever she did.”

“Then love grew as time went by.” I could help her with the rest of the story, which was a common scene in TVB channel and was too boring to use later, “rich kid born loaded fell madly in love with a poor Cinderella and insisted on being with her regardless of his family’s opposition.”

Angel stared at me, “Basically that was the story.”

It was pretty cliché. The more different the two were, the higher chance they would fell in love.

It was so called distance caused beauty. One lived in a fabulously rich residence and the other lived in hell. With such a distance, everyone looked beautiful like a flower.

the story was over, I finished the whole plate

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who insisted on telling the story and I was not

and walked to the door,

kept observing my facial expressions, trying to see something from

from my face. Actually, I was calm at the moment and even wanted to

my room and lay down,

quiet so I

awakened by Fairy Dixon. I found her standing in front of my bed as soon

was funny. Why would she come to

the sheet to show her that he was not in my bed, “Wait

no sense of humor, stomping her feet and not acting like a lady at all, “Weren’t you with

with him yesterday?

thought she was kind of smart and had some means before, but after interacting for a while, I found

and I’m lying here, where else could I hide


tell her. It was none of my business if Calvin told her himself, as long as it wasn’t heard from

to play it safe. It was prior to anything else to give birth to my

“Close the

you must know where he went last night!” She kept pestering me, saying

“Sis, you come to bother me because you couldn’t handle him. Why does your business even

suddenly remembered that Fairy Dixon called Calvin at noon, like they made an appointment to celebrate her mom’s

the sun set early in

sudden, her phone was ringing in her pocket. She hurriedly picked up. From her excited look, it was probably

out of my room to answer the phone and

couldn’t fall asleep any longer with my eyes

went out. I heard from Stella that she was shouting and crying in her room, likely that Calvin didn’t come to celebrate her mom’s

didn’t matter

and Bonnie or was happening between them has nothing to

came back late at night.

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