No One But You

Chapter84 What a Nice Move

The second day, when I woke up, all of the regrets was thrown to the winds.

I started to drink and dine as ever.

Since I was pregnant, I didn’t have to work and became the idlest person in the whole family.

Although Georgia and Angel didn’t have to work either, Georgia was busy socializing and playing mahjong and sometimes attending the women’s association because she was the vice president.

While Angel was keen to gardening, and the garden of Knight’s house was attended by her own.

As for me, my main job is eating, from breakfast till late snack, eating on and on for the whole day.

Zofia sent me some fermented beans, and I let Bennett cook them with meat steak, which was so delicious that it could make my eyebrows fly.

Calvin hadn’t been back for the whole day. Precisely, he didn’t walk in the door of Knight’s house since he went back from Maldives except last time he took me back.

I heard that he would go to the company, but he was staying at Bonnie’s during the night.

Angel also went out for a while during the day, and every time she went back, she seemed pretty tired.

I didn’t ask where she had been, but she told me on her own initiative, “Bonnie suffers from heart disease. She fainted after being stimulated during the day. She is still receiving first aid.

Well, now I could even picture the scene that Bonnie was touching her chest in a fascinating manner.

A beauty with heart disease was like steak with wine.

I was not gloating absolutely. I was not as blinkered as Fairy Dixon. Even if there were no Bonnie, nothing would have happened between me and Calvin, so she wasn’t a thorn in my flesh.

Angel just mentioned it and I didn’t ask more.

The snow stopped today and there wasn’t much on the ground. The garden was cleaned up by the workers at home.

I ate too much for dinner, so Stella was supporting me to stroll in the garden.

I pointed at the moon in the sky and said to her, “Stella, look, sugar pie.”

She giggled covering her mouth with her hand, “Josephine, it’s so great to see that you are happy every day.”

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I’m here.”

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What did that mean?

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I finally realized what he meant, “Did Bonnie

did. His pupils were completely blocked by his eyelashes so that

told Fairy Dixon about Bonnie, so she went for

Fairy Dixon was that stupid, nor did I think

at him and sneered, “Then what are you going to do with me? It’s your brother’s baby in my belly. If you hurt

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sure it was me? Let go, you

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pouring a bucket of cold water on top of

that I cared a lot about how he


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