No One But You

Chapter96 I apologize to you

Then Bonnie kept trying to chat with me. She had been awkwardly explaining that she didn't mean to watch my phone, she also didn't mean to see pictures of me and Calvin.

"How did Calvin explain to you the relationship between me and him?" I asked her.

She looked at me in a daze, and I said to her with a smile, “What Calvin said about the relationship between us was true. Just listen to what he said and believe him."

She looked at me for a while and suddenly said, "He said you two were lovers before."

I laughed. Who said Bonnie was a naive and ignorant little girl?

Ignorance was just the appearance she pretended to show to others, and I found out her essence after such a trial.

She actually knew how to lead me to tell the facts. Girls born in poor families were usually more capable than children with perfect families like me. These girls knew the truth of “survival of the fittest”, while we could grow up carelessly only under the protection of our parents.

I still looked at her with a smirk, "Yes, everything Calvin said is the truth!"

She seemed to want to say something, but Calvin had already walked in from outside.

"The doctor said that you are in a good condition recently, but your body is still weak. You should eat more and not be a picky eater, okay?"

Calvin's voice was soft and gentle, but he always talked to me in a bad manner.

Seeing him come in, I got up from the sofa, "Can I go now?"

I had endured to the limit. When I was hungry, I had to eat immediately. I had endured it for an entire hour. If he kept trapping me here and didn't let me go, I would go crazy.

However, Calvin always knew how to observe other people's expressions. He looked at Bonnie but hooked his finger at me, "Take a good rest. I will see you tomorrow."

Bonnie sent us to the door with a big smile on her face, "Drive carefully."

I followed Calvin out of the ward. When I walked to the elevator door, I looked back. Bonnie was still standing at the door and waving to us with a smile.

It seemed that Bonnie was really a fairy. But after all, there was a difference between men and women. Although Calvin had a strong sense of observation, only I could feel the unusual feelings between some girls.

her eyes. I could feel whether another girl welcomed me or not. So I knew that Bonnie disliked me very much, but

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