Nobilis of War

Chapter 1337 The Territory Enfeoffing Emperor

Darren and Gatlin walked out of the secret room together.

Thick clouds hung in the sky, casting a shadow over the earth.

"What's going on?"

Darren felt something was amiss, but it was not the pressure from a chief god.

Gatlin gazed up at the dark sky. He did not speak, and he seemed indifferent.


Thunder rumbled in the sky and cut through the clouds.

In the gap, large, golden words appeared.

"Territory Enfeoffing Emperor."

Darren's heart skipped a beat when he saw those words.

It was as if they kept getting larger and larger, threatening to engulf him with their magnitude.

"Are the words flying towards me?"

Darren panicked. He tried to escape but found that he could not move at all.


He was drowned in the golden light.


After a while, the light began to dim and disperse. Darren was shaking all over, and beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

is going on?" Darren


homeland? What do you mean by saying I've inherited the homeland?" Darren asked, confused.

you have now

I have full control over the Chaotic

now on, you will fight for the Chu Clan and attempt to win back our territory. Only after you ascend to

riddles! I need you to clear things up!" Darren's

Darren, please don't get angry. Let me explain. The leader of every region should first inherit the throne of the region before they become its ruler and

the nominal leader of the Chaotic Region. You will have to continuously expand your territory to ensure that you will keep the throne,"

want to expand territory at all, either! I'm leaving!" Darren was irritated. Obviously, Gatlin had known about this for a long

thought. Once a Territory Enfeoffing Emperor loses the throne,

Darren frowned.

glared at Gatlin. He began to think that he did not have a choice in this

for the sake of the Chu Clan,"

how can I expand territory in the Chaotic Region? If I don't expand my territory, I will be killed by the laws. On the other hand, if I do try to expand my territory, I will surely be killed by other stronger warriors. I'm damned either way! Now,

you can wait for me to inherit the position after I've grown strong enough. You

Darren roared angrily.

Darren, I assure you, that's not the case," Gatlin said, a bitter expression on his face. "The Chaotic Region is now occupied by various powerful forces, save for a few dangerous areas that are uninhabitable by anyone. However, if even those

throne is useless. If you didn't happen to meet me recently, the Chaotic Region would still

"I feared it would come to this. Patriarch Darren, if the throne of the Chu Clan is


parents were somewhere out there, still alive, they, too, would be killed by the laws if he

longer hold back his

happened has already happened. If you want to kill me, you may do so. I will not stop you." Tears rolled down Gatlin's eyes.

threw him on the ground. "You must

Gatlin bowed

the master of a region.

Yama used to be the master of a prefecture, so he should have been a Territory Enfeoffing Emperor as well. He had been expelled and thrown

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