Nobilis of War

Chapter 1341 Fighting An Emperor From The Fiend Race

Jenifer felt her heart skip a beat. She wasn't expecting the fiend to be so eccentric and unreasonable. He wanted to kill her even though she already explained her side. Should she stay and fight or should she run away? These thoughts bounced around her head. She turned to look at the Rule Soul Avatar for advice.

"What should we do, Xavier?" she asked, unable to stamp down her rising panic.

"Tell him that we'll give him all the maids," he responded through spiritual sense.

She nodded her head and said to Turan in a polite tone, "I apologize, Your Majesty. This is all my fault. Please take and enjoy all these maids. Please forgive me and spare my humble life."

"You're so naive. I never show mercy to anybody. But since you're sensible enough to know your place, I will allow you to end your life instead. Hurry up! Kill yourself, or else you will suffer." Turan still wasn't willing to let her go.

"Merle, prepare to kill the fiend." The Rule Soul Avatar sent this message to Merle telepathically. He realized then that there was nothing they could do to change the fiend's mind.

"Humph! This guy is too strong for us to handle. If we want to survive, we have to flee." Merle refused to fight Turan.

"I'm sure that I can get away from here, but Jenifer might not be able to make it," the Rule Soul Avatar said through his spiritual sense.

"I don't care if she'll survive or not," Merle said coldly.

"Are you sure?" the Rule Soul Avatar asked. His voice was even colder.

"Is that a joke? I never hesitate. How can I not be sure?"

"That's good." In a blink of an eye, anger burst from the Rule Soul Avatar's heart.

He moved all of a sudden.

He then used a law force to roll up Jenifer.

"What's this?"

Turan had immediately sensed that something was wrong. The god's power's aura was similar to that of human beings. He had to do something about this.

His claw pierced through the space.

It headed directly towards Jenifer.


the Rule Soul Avatar mumbled. Jenifer's figure began to fade, completely dodging Turan's claw.

This was the transmission law that the Rule Soul Avatar had learned. He had used it to send Jenifer away while also leaving a mark on her so that he could track her easily.

Turan roared ferociously.

His whole body shot up to dozens of feet high. Sharp horns protruded on his back and his entire body was covered with black scales.

be part of our race?" He had already seen through their tricks.


his strength, he flew towards the depths

launched an attack directly at him. In a flash, he was


well-versed with escaping. Back when he was still weak, he was able to flee from the Immortal Lord's pursuit. Now that he was already close to the

the Rule Soul Avatar was hidden, Turan had a hard time finding him at

humans! You think you can escape from me?" Since he couldn't find the

"Damn it!"

was headed towards him, Merle

your help,

had no choice but to turn to the

at all. After all, it was Merle who refused to take Jenifer's life into consideration

me see if you can

body began to split up into eight avatars. They all stood in front of Merle, blocking all ways of

"Go to hell!"

reached out to Merle with

he could. But there were too many of them.

going to die!" The claws scratched at Merle's body, leaving tracks

so much blood. Any moment now, he could die. Even though his body was as strong as a warrior at the Celestial God

Merle. They were all closing in on him,

desperate. It seemed like the Rule Soul Avatar wanted him to die.

a loud

been crushed

took Merle's place. The Rule Soul

was another

through the sky. Behind them, bolts of tribulation

laws erupted from behind Turan. They hit him at the back.

he was in danger. These were all powerful attacks

"Go away!"

aura to resist the incoming

laws, but the tribulation thunder had very strong penetrating power that he couldn't defend himself. They eventually hit

being struck, he felt as if

"You're an ant!"

this angry and in pain before. The Rule Soul Avatar was indeed powerful despite his low cultivation level. It was as if an elephant had been tricked

body was charred beyond recognition. He smelled

began to search for the Rule Soul Avatar, but he

out, you despicable

Fight me head on!"

space. Merle, who had just come back to life, was

seeing the anger burning into the depths of Turan's eyes. He was currently too weak to resist an

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