Nobilis of War

Chapter 1345 In The Prison

There were many cities all throughout the gloomy land.

The sky above the fiend race's land was infested with large, black-winged creatures.

Fiends roamed around the cities, and cries of despair could be heard all around.

In a city at the edge of the land, two ordinary fiends walked out of the transmission array.

One of the fiends roared. He was not used to the depressing atmosphere that surrounded him.

"Xavier, we shouldn't have come," Merle said, frowning.

"You will have more chances here," the Rule Soul Avatar said lightly.

The Rule Soul Avatar quietly released his Spirit Power. There were many powerful fiends in this city. Most of them had strength comparable to humans at the top level of the Celestial God Realm.

Some even emitted the aura of warriors at the top level of the Superior God Realm.

Seeing the amount of powerful fiends in a city with his own eyes came as a shock to the Rule Soul Avatar, though he had learned about it before.

"Identity token."

As soon as the two of them got out of the transmission array, a fiend soldier came toward them and thrust out his hand.

"We don't have it,"

the Rule Soul Avatar said.

"Arrest them!"

Several fiend soldiers flew over and surrounded the two of them.


Merle raised his hand. "I am Emperor Yushua. Why don't you know who I am?"

The fiend soldiers stopped in their tracks. "Which city do you come from?"

"The border of the northern land," Merle said. He tried to access the memories of the body he had merged with.

"You idiot. There are emperors everywhere in the low grade races living in the border areas. How dare you announce your name here!

Arrest these fools! Those who do not have the identity token are sentenced to toil away for a century."

In any of the cities of the eight empires, being a fiend emperor like Yushua was considered of lower stature than that of a household pet.

cold killing

"Calm yourself,"

to him through spiritual sense. He placed his hand on

do you mean? We will be arrested if we

Don't make any sudden movements. Do not do anything that

surveyed the strength of all of the soldiers around them. At least

attack, he would be killed

also sensed this. He took a deep breath

it!" Merle cursed in a

"Take them away!"

away, and the two men did not

taken into a dark water

water came up to their knees and smelled of death and decay. No

at what you've

Merle was upset.

Spirit Power to cover the whole prison. There were

is your chance," the Rule

eyebrows. He stopped complaining and used his fiendish sense

better after probing. There were several fiends that were suitable

for me,"

need. They are

sound of splashing water and soon, they

to face hundreds of fiends at the same time. He and the Rule Soul Avatar might not

two fiends whose strength was comparable to that of warriors at the

"What brings you here?"

cold and dry voice rang out through Merle's head.

business." Although Merle was afraid, he did not want to show the fiends any

Archie is the king! If you don't answer with respect, we will make your life a living hell!" a fiend

"Oh, really?"

aura, ready

afraid of death. Toy with him a while. Mess him up," a tall, one-eyed

"Yes, Your Majesty."

and rotting away after


the speed of light and

Merle growled as the water seeped through

Crack! Crack!

off by the fiend,


aura and hit the short

but it did not

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