Not Your Mate Anymore

Chapter 47- The Beginning Of The End

Josey's POV

"What if I turn them?" I ask looking at my mates. They were breathing heavily with their chest wounds still bleeding.

Arianna gasps as Hunter growls.

"I think we have enough hybrids in the werewolf world. You do understand that your children will be hybrids? Thus creating an entire new species without a realm to monitor it." Hunter says. The elder coughs and we all look at him.

"I don't mean to just insert myself in this conversation but I have to warn you. You are a deity, half celestial. Just like your mother, Kimberly. Your mates are earthly beings so if you turn them in to vampires, they will not be able to walk in the sun like you." The elder says to me.

I can't lose my mates, how will I survive this life without them? Why did I take this awful mission!?

"No offence...No offence Babe, but I don't want to be a vampire." Clayton says and a tear escapes my eye at his words.

"You are dying. If you die, I die! I can't have Chase without Clayton and I can't have Clayton without Chase. I need you both!" I say through sobs and frustration.

"I'd rather die than become a creature of the night. I am a proud lycan, I will die a proud one." Chase says to me and this surge of anger runs through me.

It was indeed coming from my vampire.

"You would rather leave me and die, leaving me to face this world alone and without your children to raise! I have to watch Elise raise her son to take over my pack. I would run around the world to be with you but you won't do the same for me." I say, defeated. My wolf was howling.

My heart was breaking.

"I know I brought this on our doorstep. I know this is partly my fault as it is my mother's, who has been quiet this whole time. I just want you, I need you here in this life with me. We still have so much to do and so much to face. This cannot be your end! I refuse." I say through sobs.

"Josey, no pack will follow a vampire leader. No pack will take in a vampire. You are different, you still walk in the day, seeming normal. Your mates won't have that at all." Cj says to me, his hand on my shoulder.

"Fine. Arianna save whoever, it's clear they don't want to live. They are grown men, they can decide for themselves but what I won't do, is sit here and watch one of them die." I say before leaving the room.

Mother follows me out and grabs my hand to stop me.

"Josey, I'm sorry. I know I have a lot to explain but it really is not that easy. I used that amulet on your father, to create the illusion of him being my mate. I can get inside people's heads but I can't create the mate bond like that. Only magic can do that and that's what I did. When we lived in human territory, I met your uncle Deacon. It was through him that I met your father, see Deacon is an alpha and a very loud and proud one, which could expose me so I could not date him but your father was just perfect. I know it sounds wrong but I did what I did to protect Sabrina. At that age, before I met your father or uncle, I was living in between earth and the heavenly, where I met my true mate. Hunter did not waste time and before I knew it, I was pregnant." Mother tells me.

"I thought you said you made him wait, friendzoned him." Sabrina says from behind us. We turn to face her.

"Yes but don't forget, a day on earth is ten years here. So I'd spend more time in the heavenly realm by just being gone for a day or two. Look all I'm saying is, I had to hide after people found out Hunter claimed me and your father was the perfect man for it. I do care about him but the mate bond was never real for me when I knew who my true mate was." Mother tells us and Sabrina chuckles.

"What about dad? Did he not have a mate? Did you not care that he could've had a normal shewolf who would've stuck around long enough?" Sabrina asks.

"At the time I did not care or even think about it." Mother says honestly, which surprised me.

just maybe this would not be happening. You were young and I get it. A young girl pregnant and alone, any help is great help and deciding to revisit the consequences tomorrow but tomorrow is

walk back in the recovery room. We follow her back

die if I saved one of them?" Sabrina

to do this." I shout out.

life to have a balance with death, you'd have

who has made you so happy." Cj

mates but Sabrina has already lost so

Arianna is already saving Chase. Clayton can't die!" Sabrina says

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an hour, tops." The elder responds and Sabrina runs out of the recovery room.


Sabrina's POV

sun, why is that?" I ask looking at a very

healing so it was downward

someone in to a vampire, they get my DNA. The ability to walk in the sun and more strength than the normal vampires you've come across. Please save my sister." Cayden says, his

can save her if you save Josey's mates." I say looking him dead

thought they were fine?" He says to

silver." I say

but because I need my sister and it's my fault she's in this

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you heal her? She's as good as dead!" Cayden says looking at his

short of a spine. Right now she can't move her limbs but there's ways to fix that." Josey says

Cayden looks at

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touching them before his fangs pierce through his skin, right on

doesn't even take a minute. I get a flashback of when Hunter was in

killed by a vampire, I was hurt. I didn't tell him how watching him fall to the ground made me feel, I never told anyone but

to start this relationship as father and daughter with

done. Josey walks out of the cell carrying a very weak Cherisse. Cayden kisses his

Clayton out of the cells too,

having magical powers and insane strength but Josey is my only hope. Humans do artificial insemination all the time and it works, I just need her eggs and

born like this, I grew up like this. Why do I need to be punished any further?"

decision and now that her mates are about to become vampires, she has


Chase." Hunter says and I look at

Then I'll personally heal your sister." I say looking in to his eyes.

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