Chapter 1361 Speak Your Mind

Seeing that, Dylan said, “You can just speak your mind.”

Since he was Sybil’s son, Dylan had the utmost trust in him, and he was allowed to speak freely.

“The head of the Mills that Prince Aaron brought back is a lady in her twenties,” Morrison said.

“Twenties? So young?” Dylan was surprised.

“Yes. On the way back, Prince Aaron told me that she learned her skills from the Wilhelms. She then ended up being even better than her mentors. She also brought three members of the Wilhelms along with her on this trip.”

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emotional. Why is he so flustered? However, Morrison didn’t dwell on the matter. Instead, he answered respectfully,

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with him. The queen mother’s eyes flickered when she heard that he had brought back a young girl. “Go

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