Chapter 1362 Unwelcome

Upon arriving, the housekeepers told Aaron that Arielle had gone out for a stroll. He didn’t expect her to be out so early in the morning, and he was worried that she might get lost. Hence, Aaron decided to head out and look for her. To his surprise, he bumped into her the moment he stepped out of the entrance.

Seeing her wearing a white dress and flats. Aaron couldn’t help but feel mesmerized when she was walking toward him. With her long hair cascading down her back and her innocent face, Arielle was a sight to behold.

“Why are you here?” Arielle frowned and asked when she saw Aaron blocking the entrance. Why is he here so early?

Aaron sighed inwardly when he noticed how annoyed she was. I’m the prince of Turlen. Since when have I become an unwelcome guest?

“I was worried about you because you’re unfamiliar with this place. Now that I’m here, you know you’re going to be safe.” Aaron grinned.

Arielle was rendered speechless upon hearing that. He’s worried because I’m unfamiliar with this place? If he really cared, he wouldn’t have brought me here in the first place.

worried about me?” Arielle turned aside and walked through the entrance. She had no idea if the Wilhelms had woken

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missed you! That’s why I came.” Aaron went up to Pat and pinched his chubby cheeks. They’re so soft! No wonder little kitty likes

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