Chapter 1363 Her Return

“Have you lost your appetite? Why did you eat so little?” Andrea asked concernedly.

“I can’t eat much as I’m usually not hungry in the morning.” Arielle smiled at her and shifted her gaze toward Aaron. “Do I start teaching today?” Since I’m here to share my medical knowledge with them, I better ask him earlier so that he can prepare all the materials I need.

“There’s no hurry. I have to head back first and ask my father what their plans are,” Aaron answered.

After all, Dylan was the one who instructed Aaron to bring back the head of the Mills. Naturally, Aaron had to find out what the plans were going forward.

“Go back and find out after you’ve eaten, then. Since we didn’t bring any medical journals along, please prepare some if you guys have them,” Arielle said.

gazed at Arielle and asked eagerly, “Okay. Is there anything

I don’t know if you guys want to learn traditional Chanaean medicine, modern medicine, or both. If you guys want to learn both, you should prepare all

was well educated in both traditional Chanaean medicine and modern medicine, so

how important medical care was to Turlen. Hence, he left immediately after he was

at all. All he could think about at that moment was Arielle. He would

missed the daughter he had

arrived in Turlen. When he saw Dylan’s loss of appetite, he urged, “Your Majesty, no

head and glanced at Sybil. “She’s

asked him,

hardly contain his emotions when he stared at Sybil and revealed, “The daughter I had

back? How did

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