Chapter 1364 See Arielle

“Sybil, how do you think she’ll react if I were to go over and tell her I’m her biological father?” Dylan asked anxiously. He was afraid that Arielle wouldn’t acknowledge him as her father. After all, he had already missed out on twenty years of her life.

Sybil grew anxious when he heard that Dylan wanted to reunite with Arielle. That’s definitely not going to work out well. If they reunite, Her Majesty is surely going to have a go at Princess.

“Your Majesty, you can’t reunite with Princess no matter what. If Her Majesty finds out about Princess, she will plot against her. Also, Queen Mother never approved of your relationship with Ms. Moore. If she finds out that you had a daughter with her, she will get rid of Princess for good! So you have to think on behalf of Princess, Your Majesty,” Sybil advised anxiously.

He knew how much Dylan missed Arielle, and since she was in Turlen, he would surely want to reunite with his daughter. Nevertheless, it wasn’t the right time to do that.

Dylan heaved a sigh upon hearing that. Even he knew the timing was off. After all, he hadn’t had full control over the queen and the queen mother. Still, I miss my darling daughter dearly. How I wish I can hear her addressing me as her dad.

her is off the table, I can still pay her a visit, right?”

her should be fine. After all, she’s an important guest visiting Turlen. It’s normal for you to see her personally, Your

Just speak your mind,” Dylan said impatiently as

that you might not be able to contain your emotions when you see her, Your Majesty. Things will get dicey if the

he has a point. However, I still need to

momentarily, Dylan gazed at Sybil and said, “But if I get emotional when I see her, that’s only because I’m excited to see the head of the Mills! Considering how

After all, she’s the daughter he had with the lover of his life, and

right, then. I’ll arrange for them to come over,”

of me to be someone else bringing her

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