Chapter 1365 Ready To Go

What should I wear? Dylan picked out a few sets of clothes, but none was to his liking.

While Dylan was still contemplating what to wear, Sybil knocked on his door and told him that Aaron wanted to see him.

Dylan furrowed his brows when he heard that Aaron was looking for him. Immediately, he put down the clothes in his hands and went out.

“Father,” Aaron bowed and greeted when he saw Dylan coming out of his room.

Dylan nodded ever so slightly and asked, “Why are you here so early to see me? What’s the matter?”

“I’d like to know what your plans are for the head of the Mills, Father,” Aaron answered.

“Did she

She’d like to know if the lessons are starting today. Also, she’s looking for some medical journals. She also wants to know if the people from our side

make an announcement to the public saying that anyone who wishes to learn medical skills should register with Morrison. After that, they must show up at the medical school in three days’ time. We won’t tolerate

about the journals and teaching

be found at the medical school. You should hurry up and start the registration process now. Remember, everyone is welcome to come and learn from the head of the Mills. The lessons are

doing so

with it.” With

his hair. When he eventually got out of the room again, Sybil was stunned to see the man’s new look. His Majesty looks ten years younger! He

I go and see her looking like this?”

a thumbs-up. “Your Majesty, you look great! In fact, you seem ten years younger and fresh-faced! Surely you’re going


reassured. Throughout all these years, I’ve

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