Chapter 1366 Be Her Guide

“Who are you looking for?” Arielle asked the strangers in Ustranasion. We are the only residents here. Did they come looking for us?

At that moment, Dylan was so touched that he could barely speak in coherent sentences. The sound of his daughter’s voice rendered him speechless. Dylan’s silence prompted Sybil to step forward and snap Dylan out of his daze.

“I-I came here to look for you. Thank you for traveling all the way here to teach us your medicinal skills,” Dylan stuttered as he tampered down his excitement.

“It’s my pleasure.” Dylan’s Ustranasion reply and understanding caught Arielle by surprise. Deep down, she couldn’t help but feel slightly guilty. After all, searching for her father was the true reason she came here. Instead, she used teaching as an excuse to cover up the truth.

Nevertheless, Arielle was determined to make the most of her time here and teach them to the best of her abilities. It’d be up to them to learn as much as they could from her.

Dylan thought of how Arielle had opened the door before he knocked and asked, “Were

plan on immersing myself in its culture. This way, I won’t have any lingering regrets when I leave.” Arielle glanced at Dylan

familiar. It felt as if

rejoice in his decision to come looking

I have the honor of being your guide?” he asked

more time with Arielle. Since such an opportunity had presented itself

he overheard Dylan’s offer. It will spell trouble for His Majesty and Princess if the queen

sight of Dylan’s hopeful and eager gaze, he couldn’t bring himself

Arielle was taken aback by Dylan’s offer. He wants to be my

over her thoughts. Wait a minute; it wouldn’t hurt to have a guide with me. After all, I’m not too familiar with this place. It’d be great to have a translator by my side in the event that I don’t understand Ustranasion. Yet, he looks

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