Oh Please, My Ex-wife

Chapter59: If You Dare to Hurt Her

It says that Randall is a party animal and has affairs with lots of women. But now he is helping Alice. Has Alice been with him since she left Edward?

Charles doesn’t say anything but has a glance at Alice and Randall back and forth.

Randall walks closer and closer to him. The onlookers around are getting more nervous thinking that whether they will fight for this woman.

Some of the female onlookers stare at Alice with jealousy. They can’t understand why such a handsome man helps her.

When Randall gets near to Charles, he leans down slightly and whispers something to Charles. But suddenly, Charles’s face becomes clouded and he shouts, “Randall, how dare you!”

“Charles Johnson, maybe you can have a try.” Randall lifts his lips and says lightly.

Things are getting awkward. Charles stares at him and then Alice, said in a teasing tone, “I can’t believe that Mr. Collins is fooled by a woman. Though she looks innocent, she can do anything for money. When she dates with Edward, she still flirts with me…”

Alice slaps at him.

“Bitch, how dare you?” Charles is furious and ready to raise his right hand to fight back. However, his hand is grabbed firmly by Randall, who looks so gloomy.

“Charles Johnson, you don’t believe what I told you, do you?” He says in a light but threatening voice.

Charles gazes at him and reminds of Randall’s words, “She is mine. If you dare to hurt her, I will cut all of your fingers.”

He knows he can’t piss Edward off and the Night Group, the sworn enemy of SA Group, which is owned by Randall.

What’s more, if Edward knows about this, he won’t forgive Charles.

Charles is nervous in a cold sweat. He takes back his hand and says, “Fine, fine. I will leave!”

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