Oh Please, My Ex-wife

Chapter150 Short-lived Happiness

Although the situation after they wake up is uncertain, they still share this short-lived happy time together.

They didn't go to bed until early in the morning, so they wake up in the afternoon.

When Edward opens his eyes, the sun is already shining into the house. The sunlight passes through the large floor-to-ceiling windows, driving away the ambiguous atmosphere hidden in the room, and the warmth brought by the sun spreads throughout the room.

His heart seems to be bewitched by the quiet time, and he gently kisses the brow of the person next to him.

"Alice, I love you!" Thinking of Alice's crying during sex last night, Edward's throat moves slightly, and he kisses Alice's eye again.

Her long eyelashes blink slightly. Edward suddenly feels relieved. Whether for him or her, what happened five years ago was a misunderstanding, and they were disappointed in each other because of this misunderstanding.

They are two people who love each other, and they have always been in love so far. So what can stop them from being together?

He knows he loves her, so he will love her more deeply. Knowing where the purpose is, the whole world will make way for them. Even if the world does not make way for them or they have to overcome obstacles, he will always be by her side.

He will prevent her from being lonely and helpless, and avoid her from living a vagabond life.

When Alice wakes up, she sees the gentle face of Edward before her eyes. He seems to become the same young boy that she first met. He travels through time and comes to the back of the suffering, just to say to her, "Alice, I love you!"

Alice can't help thinking of the madness last night. Edward kept repeating these words in her ears, his voice was deep and hoarse, as if he was about to engrave these words into her heart. Thinking of this, Alice's face turns red.

"John once found me. He said that Albert and Rebecca are my children, and that I have always been on your mind all these years!" Edward never beats around the bush in this matter. What's more, he was in a good mood when he heard about it, so he can't help but say it bluntly.

Alice is still in a state of ignorance when she just wakes up, but it does not prevent her from understanding this sentence carefully.

this time, Edward then throws out another

saw you, I have only you in my heart. From now on, I will take good care of you. As for what Joanna and my mother

love you. Give me

life in repeated entanglements with Edward? Moreover, she really has affection towards him. It is precisely because she has love for him in her heart

being hurt and being left behind again. But if she doesn't love him, how can she be

him accumulate wealth,

can feel Edward's speechless indulgence towards herself. Before, Edward would not let her

has always been a domineering person, bad-tempered and impatient. But now, he is willing to curb his short temper

feeling of fear has been spreading in her heart. Alice does

a rare animal, caring to the utmost. This feeling of being carefully cared for by others makes Alice's inner thoughts

loss. When Edward is overbearing and bad-tempered, she will always find ways to fight against him, but Edward's current appearance makes her

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also wrong. In love and marriage, two people should trust each other. She did not fully

still doesn't have the courage to

he knows that the best promise is action, and Alice has

seems to be back to the beginning. If life was still as when they first met, they would not

to the hospital

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inside. The appearance of Alice at that moment makes him feel

that she is really pregnant, Edward is still as happy as the

returns home, he puts the inspection report in the safe as a mark

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