Oh Please, My Ex-wife

Chapter155 Just Destroy It

Fortunately, the children's photo only appears on the Internet for a while before it is withdrawn. Alice guesses that it is Edward who takes some measures to reach such a result.

But Joanna uses the two children to do such a thing, which makes Alice feel that Joanna is shameful.

But in front of the two little guys, Alice still behaves as usual. She doesn't want the dirty affairs of adults to affect the happy growths of children.

Listening to Rebecca talking about the happy things in the kindergarten, as well as the embarrassment that her brother Albert has received a little red flower from a child, Alice can't help but laugh.

Nobody knows when their topic has turned to the reporters at the kindergarten gate. Rebecca stares at Alice with round eyes, and asks, "Mummy, when will they not surround us and ask those questions?"

The little guy's words make Alice feel a pain in her heart. She stretches out hand to touch Rebecca’s hair, and comforts her, "It will be soon, is Rebecca scared?"

"No, with mommy and brother protecting Rebecca, Rebecca will not be afraid. When I grow up, I must be as brave as Mommy!"

Hearing that Rebecca is so sensible, Alice feels warm. She responds with a smile, "Okay."

Edward beside hears the conversation between the mother and daughter, his eyes flash slightly. After the meal, the servant takes the two children to take a bath. When Alice is in the room sorting clothes, she is suddenly hugged by him from behind.

"Shall I just disclose their identities?"

"No!" Without even thinking about it, Alice refuses him. Feeling that the body behind her suddenly becomes stiff, she realizes that she has been answering too quickly. She opens her mouth, "They have received enough attention now. I am afraid that once their identities are disclosed, it will only cause unnecessary trouble."

He doesn't say anything, but takes her into his arms.

She is petite and seems to melt into his body. Almost two months of pregnancy doesn’t affect her graceful figure, and his eyes light up. His thin lips are close to her ears at some point, sucking gently. The atmosphere is extremely ambiguous.

knows he won't do anything to herself, the numb touch makes her utterly confused and disconcerted, so she

"Let me go."

hug you, okay?" He says

her lip, "Aren't you

all the time, it will be better if we can live in this way all our

company matters. He doesn't notice that some people dare to

her lips. She originally thought she could solve these problems by herself. Besides, when she sees that the photos on

don't want to tell me. Or you think these things have nothing to

"No..." Alice responds.

is the reason?"

Alice keeps silent.

trust me, and I know that you have endured a lot of pain. Alice, I don't force you to trust

restrain her emotions. She is glad that she is being held by him

I will never let you get

firm as an oath, which make her keep silent for a long time. After a while, she gently pushes him away and

the only woman I love. I can

the illusion that everything really seems like what he said. But when she


"Is everything settled?"

assistant Allen's heart tremble. Recently, the company has been in trouble. He has struggled to solve customs matters before, but some problems appear inexplicably behind. Several companies that have been cooperating with them for a long time suddenly

him most is the issue president Edward is talking about

and Miss Alice recently involves two children. What president Edward wants him to do is to cancel all the bad news about Miss Alice and

spread of the

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