Omnipotent Mrs. Finn

Omnipotent Mrs. Finn

Authors:Annie Booth
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Chapter 464 World to Each Other (The End)

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"They have promised that they will send the patient over in two hours." Dr. Moore communicated with the other party several times before he finally finished communicating.

Seeing that Ruby was not in a good mood after answering a phone call, he knew that it was probably the Harold family was the demons again.

"I'll have some test, just call me when he arrives." Ruby nodded and found an empty room to go in and have some rest.

She had slept well last night, she just wanted to check which project Spencer had his eye on and see if there was any room for manipulation in it.

When she entered the room, she locked the door before she took off the watch she was wearing on her wrist, disassembled the dial and assembled it into a miniature computer in no time.

The firewall of the Finn Group was well made, and it took some effort for her to attack it. After reading several projects that the Finn Group was holding recently, finally her eyes landed on a beauty cream project.

The Harold Group has a business doing this piece of cosmetics. The Grant family used to be a family of medicine, her grandfather held a lot of court formulas, including several formulas for skin care.

Nellie Grant was really in love with Spencer and was deceived by him, and the two very important count recipes in her hands were given to Spencer.

These years, Spencer relied on the formula given by Nellie to develop well in Sea City, especially in the beauty, and always had a pretty good reputation.

This time, she guessed Spencer is eyeing at this project.

The Finn Group's beauty cream has taken the national patent, with pre-advertising. Before production has begun, pre-sales have already exceeded 100 million, you can imagine once it is put into production, how big the profit will be.

The beauty industry was supposed to be a lucrative affair, and Spencer had played a good game this time as intended.

Ruby read it thoughtfully for a while. The technician on the Finn Group had already discovered that someone had invaded their system and started to fight back. Ruby quickly logged out of the system, wiping all traces clean before turning off the computer.

"Beauty." Ruby tapped her fingers lightly on the desktop a few times before she took out her phone and sent out a message.

‘Get in touch with the Finn Group and tell them we are interested in their company's latest beauty cream project and hope to collaborate with them.’

After Ruby finished sending the message, she didn't wait for the other party to reply but directly put away her phone, opened the door and went out.

F country, LW lab headquarters. Seeing the message sent by Ruby, Jacob Houghton almost fell out of his chair.


As Ruby came out, Dr. Moore hurriedly came in from outside with someone carrying a stretcher behind him, with a man lying on it.

Ruby took a look and frowned, the man was so badly injured that he was almost down to his last breath.

With massive burns all over his body and already brain dead, she could tell just by looking at it that it was a miracle that he had survived this far, as he should have been forced to hang on to her breath with money.

"The patient has been delivered, can we do the surgery now?" Dr. Moore saw Ruby come out and hurriedly trotted over.

Ruby just frowned at the man and pondered for a moment before asking Dr. Moore, "Ask them if they are willing to try this latest experimental drug of ours. This patient has been brain dead for a long time, the D3 reagent is useless, and if I operate, I will only be able to cure his trauma, not his brain death. If they are not willing to, send him back, he can't be saved."

Dr. Moore, "......"

He was afraid he would be killed if he sent the patient back.

But since Ruby said it was hopeless, it should mean it was hopeless.

Dr. Moore faltered as he dialed Levi's number and glanced at the frosty-faced Ruby before repeating her words.

Levi was in silence, his fingers tapping lightly on the car window for a long time before he spoke, "Can I speak to the doctor?"

Dr. Moore hesitated for a split second, covered his phone, and looked at Ruby, "He wants to talk to you."

"Okay." Ruby raised his eyebrows, but didn't refuse.

Dr. Moore handed her the phone.


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