One Meet By Chance

Chapter 480 The Kidnapped Jerome

Enrique fell asleep unconsciously. In his dream, he often saw his mother lying in a pool of blood, and sometimes he heard the voice and saw the shadow of Teresa. The two constantly changed. He was almost suffocated.

On the other side, in the villas in the mountains, birds were singing. With a headache, Jerome rubbed his head and looked around. Where was he?

He wanted to stand up, but found his hands tied back by the grass rope, and so did his feet. The day he got the news that Abby fell into the river, he rushed to the river.

He rented a small yacht and drove it to the river. Then? He remembered that he fainted after a heavy blow on the back of his head. When he woke up again, he was here.

'Who is that people who hit me? Why did that people kidnap me? Or was there any other reason?' Then he looked at the room where he was imprisoned. It was obvious that the room were covered with dust.

The tip of his nose was full of dust and musty smell of wood. In addition to him, there were also some scattered farm tools. He was extremely uncomfortable.

When he was thinking about how to save himself, the closed wooden door creaked open and a woman in her twenties came in. She had an enchanting figure.

"Are you awake?"

Against the light, Jerome couldn't see the woman's face clearly. It was not until the woman slowly approached him that he realized that this woman had a perfect figure and beautiful face.

"Who are you? Why did you kidnap me? Tell me, what condition do you want to let me go?"

The woman was not annoyed by Jerome's coldness. She just looked at his handsome face with a smile and slowly squatted down.

short of money, but I happen

say anything. His face was gloomy and terrible. He stared

I'm such a beautiful girl. I took the initiative to say

earth do you want

calm. She just stood up, looked at his handsome face, and stretched out her hand to move back and forth on

can let you marry me, or I can keep you as a lover. You can think about it alone here. When you make up your mind, I will satisfy one of your

and left. With a frown on his face, Jerome didn't know where this woman came from. Why did she

marry her? 'Well, does she think I'm easy to fool?' But it seemed that she

to say, maybe they didn't want money or anything else? Was he just a bargaining chip in their hands to

was the current CEO of the Gu Group, so the only target they could threaten was the Gu Family?

do with the matter happening in his father's young age. Thinking of this,

left, he had told Tristan that he would disappear for a few days. Tristan must have helped him to deal with the company's affairs these days. But

was missing? Could they sense something? He hoped that his

that he had left?

frowned tighter and tighter. How could the kidnapper not take any action? Phone call? Letters? In what form did they inform the Gu Family? Damn it! He couldn't just sit still and wait

grass rope on his hands and feet. Grass rope? 'Well, that's the only way I can think of,' Jerome thought

bit the grass rope with his mouth. It looked fragile, but in fact, the grass rope was very strong. Especially this kind of grass rope made by the farmer himself, Jerome bit

man, he had been bowing with his head down. It was inevitable that his whole waist would ache. He had been like this for a long time and felt that he was about to fall

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