One Meet By Chance

Chapter 482 I'm Going To Find My Child

Teresa turned her head and looked at the gray haired man. His name was Ives Gu? He was... Was he her biological father?

"My child... I... I'm your father..."

Teresa took a look at Ives and then looked at the lawyer sitting opposite her, shaking her head. Seeing her like this, Ives thought she didn't accept him, and a touch of desolation flashed through his eyes.

Of course, Teresa saw it, but she had a lot of thoughts to clear up, so she shook her head. Seeing the man who might be her father being like this, she suddenly felt a little depressed.

"I want to be alone for a while. Can you go out?"

"Okay, okay. We are going out now. If you need anything, just tell Dad."

Ives nodded and stood up, but his eyes were still fixed on Teresa. He didn't realize until now that her eyebrows were really similar to his.

His daughter was his daughter. Fortunately, at that time he thought that keeping Teresa would help him deal with the members of the Gu Family and Shen Family at a critical time. Fortunately, he had her saved.

Thinking of this, he was still in a cold sweat. He suddenly remembered that at the funeral, the man named Moore who was the leader of one of the gangsters in the J City.

Well, thinking of this, should he thank that guy for providing the DNA of Teresa to him? Those people really had evil intentions.

They just wanted to tell him that he had killed his own daughter? However, their wishful thinking was still a little fool and naive. Was he the kind of person who would not prepare a plan B?

He should also thank himself for having been used to preparing a plan B for so many years. Otherwise, he would really be separated from his daughter. Ives took a deep look at Teresa, stood up and left.

Unfortunately, Teresa sat still on the sofa, lost in thought. She didn't noticed the rare tenderness in Ives's eyes.

take good care of Ms. Teresa.

they had to be loyal to others for money.

left, the two bodyguards looked at each other and raised their

"What happened to boss?"

not ask too

If they did something wrong, their lives would be in

they wouldn't have

Teresa sat on the sofa blankly. She had been adopted by the Gu Family since childhood. Had her dad known it all

biological father. Then why did her father take her to her mother's cemetery, but he still didn't tell her the

not right. As far as she knew, her mother married the man who was buried with

then her mother? No, no, her mother married the man who was

after marriage? No, how could she slander her mother's innocence? She couldn't think too

had to leave here. She had to go back to the Gu

opened the door, as expected, the two bodyguards were still standing at the door, but their attitude became

you going out? Where are you going?

It seemed that after confirming her identity, Ives allowed her

couldn't get out of the sight of the two bodyguards. It was better than keeping her

wooden house. She walked and

room, there was a big living room, which was luxuriously decorated. On the sofa of the living room

had good figure. Seeing Teresa

you two

"It's boss's permission."

"Oh, really?"

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