One Meet By Chance

Chapter 483 As Long As You Are Alive

'That voice? Why does it sound like Abby's voice so much?' All of a sudden, Jerome stood up and opened the door, regardless of whether he was pretending or not. Two bodyguards standing at the door were about to step forward.

Jerome kicked that two bodyguards to the ground. Jerome rushed towards the source of the voice. He was surprised to hear Abby's voice. It must be Abby's voice. Abby was still alive, still alive.

"Let go of me, or I'll teach you a lesson."

Teresa was held tightly by two bodyguards. She was not allowed to leave the villa. They would be in big trouble, if she left here.

"Let me go."

Teresa screamed. She was going to look for her two children. They must have broken down. She had to go back and tell them that their mother was still alive. Don't be sad. Their mother was still alive.

Bang! One of the bodyguards who was originally holding Teresa was suddenly hit by something heavily on the back of his head and then fell down.

At the same time, another bodyguard had quickly taken out a pistol from his waist. Before Teresa could see who had saved her, she bit the bodyguard's wrist.


The bodyguard felt pain and loosened his hand. His reaction gave Jerome a chance. He used his hand to hit the back of the bodyguard's neck.


Holding Teresa's hand, Jerome was trying to rush out of the mansion. At this moment, the woman who heard the sound rushed out of the room and her face turned cold.

She took out a pistol from nowhere and aimed it at Teresa's heart. She was good at shooting.

Without hesitation, she shot her. However, the man called Jerome pulled Teresa's arm and protect her. Jerome was shot in the arm.

"Catch them!"

same time, Ives happened to

"What happened?"

the man we kidnapped ran


"Yes, boss."

Jerome was injured,

really pay attention to that woman. Don't hurt Teresa? Well, the

didn't expect that the wife of TH Group's CEO could be so good at seducing men that she even hooked

wondered why her brother was in such a place. Jerome was also surprised. It was said that Teresa had fallen

was still alive. As long as she was alive,

can you

okay. Let's go. They

Why did the man

were they still wearing guns? Who on earth was Ives? Didn't he say she

she might have died now. Footsteps came from behind, and Teresa was

Was it because she didn't pay attention to her own health and didn't insist on running every day when she was in the

escaping, Ives had put a small amount of medicine in her food, which would

do you trust

nodded and pulled Jerome back. She was afraid that Jerome would use himself as a

the expression of Teresa, he knew that Teresa had known his thoughts. He sighed slightly. In

"Let's go."

long after, the people behind them had

just now. The woman

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