Only you in my love

Chapter 182 A Koala Hug

Noah stopped and called, "Mr. John."

"What?" Hearing this, Nina raised her eyes and saw the gloomy face of John, as if someone owed him hundreds of millions.

Even so, when Nina saw John, her tears fell down again. She pouted and called out, "John..."

Why was he so late?

Nina felt very aggrieved.

Every time Nina shed tears, it would be able to wash away the resentment in John's heart.

Nina's crying on the phone almost scared him to death. He left the meeting and rushed over, only to see her lying on the back of another man. How could he not be angry?

However, when Nina called his name, John's heart softened.

When Nina cried, John was softened.

"Why are you crying when you see me? Did I hit you or scold you? " John said unhappily. He was still angry that she let another man carry her.

The man gave an indifferent look to Noah and reached out to get Nina out of his back, still holding her like holding a child.

Nina hung on his body like a koala. Her head rubbed against John's neck, and her tears fell on his clothes. She sobbed with remorse, "John, aunt Kristina was seriously injured in order to save me. She just came out of the operating room. Let's go to see her."

"Okay." John touched Nina's head with one hand. He comforted her who was frightened and self-condemned, and then turned to Noah. "Which ward is Kristina in?"

Noah looked at the two people in front of him. He had never seen her grievance when Nina called Mr. John just now, and the softness when she held Mr. John. She was not the strong Ninja, but a little girl in need of care.

Such a gesture would only appear in front of the person she liked.

It seemed that Ninja and Mr. John loved each other very much.

A strange feeling flashed through Noah's mind, but he didn't even notice it.

"Mr. John, Ninja's foot is injured. Go to treat her foot injury first. I'll contact you after I finish the admission procedure for Aunt Kristina." Noah had been worried about Nina's foot all the time. The doctor also said that sprain was not a small matter.

Noah was worried about his aunt so he gestured to John and then left.

with your foot injury first." John's face darkened suddenly.

injured. It was said that the injury in musclesand bnes took one hundred days to recover. After the doctor's instructions, wherever Nina went, she could only be held by

was the first thing that Nina

she held John like a koala. John was 1.9 meter tall and Nina was less than 1.7 meter tall.

"What happened this noon? Did you

attention to it. When I recall it now, I think the brake was out

gently kissed Nina's hair, his deep eyes flashing

dared to hurt the little girl that he loved must pay the price.

Nina, the coldness

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Henry called John.

holding Nina

She took out his phone and answered

that Isabella's car has been tampered with, and the brake failure caused it to

heard Isabella's name, she was obviously stunned. After thinking for a while, she

an accident. Isabella's car braked failed and the car hit us by accident. She is still

was thinking for a while. He didn't think that things were as simple as they heard.

the SVIP ward.

bed quietly. Her face was pale and bloodless. She hadn't woken up

He stared at

in his life. If something happened to aunt one day...... No, it

Thump! Thump! Thump

knocked on the

see Aunt Kristina," The voice of Nina came from

tried to calm himself down. He opened the door and said,


"Not yet."

Nina gently held Kristina's cold hand. Nina didn't say a word and

John to the sofa and poured him

was accompanying Kristina, and John sat on the sofa accompanying Nina. He was also silent, occasionally

a doctor moved in another big bed, which was

it wouldn't be crowded with one

looked at

is worried about Kristina." John said calmly and

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