Only you in my love

Chapter 184 Acting Shamelessly

Vivian felt wronged and didn't understand why John was against her. He was not like this before.

Even if John didn't take the initiative to talk to her and he also didn't take the initiative to answer her. At least, he wouldn't help others to order her like now.

She was the daughter of the Ye family. How could she serve others?

She was reluctant to take care of her aunt and her aunt didn't like her either.

But her aunt held 37% shares of Ye's Group, more than anyone else in her family. Her father only had 13% shares, and even her brother only had 22% shares.

Kristina was the biggest shareholder of Ye's Group. She had the right to decide who would be qualified to be the president of Ye's Group in the future.

Vivian knew the stakes, so she listened to her mother Julie and kept flattering her aunt Kristina.

But she had never been favored by Kristina.

This time, when something happened to Kristina, Vivian wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to take good care of Kristina to know some of Kristina's thoughts about the development of Kristina in the future, as well as Kristina's share distribution.

Otherwise, no one would like to condescend to serve a woman she hated.

"Brother, it doesn't matter." Vivian said gently and shook her head at Noah. Then she said to John, "Mr. John, I'm willing to take care of Nina."

John said, "Don't call my wife's name directly in the future. Remember to call her Mrs. Nina."

Vivian's breath paused.

She had always called the name of Nina, but she was unwilling to admit that Nina was the well-known Mr. John's legal wife.

'John asked me to call that bitch... Mrs. Nina?

Nina didn't deserve it!

Why? !'

Nina was already very sweet and happy, as if she was eating a spoon of candy.

Vivian being bullied. It was cruel for a woman to respect

her, so there was no reason to

famous family. It's wronged for you to

and Mr. John's understanding," Vivian was smart enough to know when to take advantage of the

time, John did

long as his baby Nina was not softhearted for other men, he

voice was a little low as if

Nina was close to Kristina, she was the first to hear

his aunt, whose eyes were slightly open. Noah was so excited that his eyes became moist. "Aunt, you're awake.

said, "I'm fine. I just passed out because

a hint of worry flashed through

Kristina, I'm fine. I'm here." Nina held her hand. When Kristina heard the voice, she turned around and saw Nina's smile. Then

safe and sound. Now that you are fine, I'm relieved. " Noah, Kristina's nephew, was the

me. He asked me to take care of you until you leave the hospital. " Noah tucked her in considerately and put her hand which had an intravenous drip into

supported the bed with two hands and made her injured elbow hurt

do you get up?

slightly blaming himself, "It's my

rolled her eyes and endured the pain on her back. With tears in her eyes, she commanded Noah,

and raised

Vivian took the opportunity to say, "My parents asked

that Vivian was also here. Kristina said indifferently, "I'm fine.

stood aside to avoid making her aunt upset.

Shen approved your leave?" Kristina looked at Noah

the bed. He stood up and clapped his hands. "Three days. But I don't have

as the brightest star in the starry sky. After Noah nodded, her eyes lit up. "Then

could be discharged from the hospital in a

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