Only you in my love

Chapter 186 The Punishment Of Albert

In the north of the city.

There was an open-air private training ground.

The winding roads were in the middle of the blue fence. Countless paths crisscrossed, and the parterre of different shapes separated each road. The green lawn was shining under the scorching sun.

In the middle of the road stood a woman in a hospital gown. Her hair was messy and stuck to her face. Her mouth was covered by a white cloth, and she could only make a whining sound.

Isabella was tied and she stood there like an electric pole, her hair all over her body stood up and there was horror in her eyes.

A sapphire blue Maserati was speeding towards her.

"HMM... HMM..." Isabella kept shaking her head and said no, her whole body was trembling but she couldn't make any sound.

The Maserati was approaching her step by step like the devil's claws.

Seeing the car getting closer and closer, Isabella shook her head and begged, tears pouring down like a torrent.

'No, no, no...

Mr. Albert, I'm sorry. I'm sorry...'

Isabella begged again and again in her heart. She knelt on the ground and begged Albert to spare her life.

She didn't dare to hurt Kristina anymore.

Albert ignored her kowtow and ordered the driver to speed up.

Isabella felt that she was going to stop breathing. She deeply realized that no one could save her, no one...

Then she had to give it a try with all her strength.

At this critical moment, Isabella fell to the ground like a caterpillar, wriggling and crawling to the edge of the lawn.

life was hanging by a thread, like

want to

struggled stubbornly. Even though her body rubbed against the ground

scene, Albert couldn't

may be sued." The man sitting in the driver's seat was called Ford Chou. He was a hitman hired

with a smile, but he didn't mean to stop. Instead, he stared at the woman struggling on the ground. Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he raised his hand, "Don't really

It seems that the training in this period of time is not

braked sharply when


sound was heard.

frightened that she opened her mouth wide and ate a mouthful of dust.

car was less than half a meter

was covered with

her mouth, her voice could be heard

escape from death, Isabella

didn't kill me. He still cares about

Waah..." Isabella choked

step by step against the sun. His indistinct face made people tremble all over. The sound of leather shoes came to her ears,

now?" Albert squatted in front of her, smiling, but his voice was as frightening as a devil.

nodded with tears in her eyes.

was scared

her mouth. Isabella finally could take a deep

asked, "Tell me, what's wrong about you? You have to talk nicely. If you lie, you will

already known what Albert was capable of, so she didn't dare to lie. She stuttered, "I... I shouldn't... I shouldn't

happy, but the smile on his face gradually faded. He

"Why did you do

people and took them heart out. Isabella gathered her courage and said, "Mr. Albert,

dared to insult his

which were pinching her chin, slid directly to her neck and pinched

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