Only you in my love

Chapter 189 Get Angry So Easily

Nina didn't hear any response. She patted him on the shoulder and said, "If you don't answer, then don't take it off."

"Take it off." John replied in a firm and affirmative tone in a hurry.

Of course he had to take it off.

The painting hung here every day and he couldn't help poking himself blind every time he saw it.

The old man set a trap for his son, and the little girl set a trap for him every day.

If it weren't for the fact that one of them was too old, the other was too young to be beaten or scolded, John would have beaten them.

Then John turned around and put Nina on the bed. He voluntarily took off the painting. As soon as he walked out of the bedroom, Nina heard the sound of rubbing the painting from outside.

The disorderly voice seemed that he was venting his anger.

Then there were several sounds of tearing up the painting...

Fast, accurate and ruthless.

In this way, a person could be torn into pieces by him.

Nina bit her lips and clicked her tongue. She wondered how much shadow area the painting had left to John before it could be torn like this.

The voice suddenly stopped. When Nina slightly tilted her head, she saw a well-dressed man coming in, with a calm expression on his face as if nothing had happened.

"Are you satisfied now?" Nina raised her eyes and suddenly felt that he was wronged. He had endured his dark history for so long. She raised her hand and hugged John and kissed the corners of John's mouth.

"Sorry, it turn out that you don't like that photo so much." Nina kissed the corner of his mouth again.

A faint smile appeared on John's face. He decided to let it go for the sake of the sincere apology of the little girl.

However, Nina opened her bright eyes and said, "We will hang it back when you can accept it."

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in her ear, "Little girl, pinching the waist will light up the

She wanted to pinch him,

her ears and temples, and her face was slightly red. Nina drew back her neck and said,

lips and bit it. He played with

hasn't recovered yet..."

talk too much. " How could John allow her to refuse? With a pull of the quilt, he

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she wanted to make a sound, but when she thought of Helen's words that Helen

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was blocked at the gate of North Yard by the guards,

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North Yard, he smiled like a cunning old fox and said to the butler, "I'm going to have a

North Yard could finally breathe. At this moment, James rushed up to them and asked, "How are you feeling, Aunt Nina? Does your foot still hurt? Can you walk? When

the point until he had asked several questions. Then James got close to Nina and asked in a low voice, "Aunt

you pretending to care about me? "

be modest and put his hands together to beg Nina, "Aunt Nina, please. Please deal with my Uncle John as soon

written in his eyes.

and unruly second generation. It was the first time that Nina had seen him so serious. She couldn't help but wonder, "Why did you

cross legged next to Nina and his eyes looked deep, "Aunt Nina,

" Although James was a playboy, he was not a bully. He could

raised. "I kissed Emma a few times last time? And I find that I like her and I wanted to go after her.

When Adela saw Emma, Adela help the scumbag Harrison refused Emma. Then Emma's tutor was angry and vented his anger

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