Only you in my love

Chapter 191 When You Meet Someone You Like, Run To Him

Then, James and Adrian stayed for lunch.

When they were having lunch, James kept winking at Nina, hoping that she could help him to settle down the matter that he wanted to enter the entertainment circle.

Nina spooned up half a bowl of soup and put it in front of John. She said straightforwardly, "James wants to enter the entertainment circle."

James was speechless...! ! 'Aunt Nina! Please don't be so direct!

Can't you just take a roundabout way?'

The spareribs on James's chopsticks fell directly into the soup bowl, and the soup splashed.

If Uncle John could agree, he would have succeeded in the past.

How could he beg Aunt Nina for help?

John reached out for the spoon in his bowl. When his fingers touched the handle of the spoon, he realized that he was an injured person.

"Little girl." John cast a glance at Nina.

Nina got it immediately and she didn't mean to refuse. She took a spoonful of soup and handed it to the man's mouth, feeding him.

The delicious soup tasted good, and he scent of little girl went to his nose. Her little face was as smooth as peeled eggs. Her long eyelashes were like butterfly wings, half covering her bright eyes.

The soup that his wife fed him in person was much better than before.

After drinking two mouthfuls of soup, John subconsciously licked his lower lip. Then he turned his head to look at James and calmly left a deadline.

"Two years."

"What?" James was stunned.

Adrian explained, "Mr. John will give you two years to do whatever you want in the entertainment circle. Two years later, you will come back obediently and continue to be the young master of Shi family."

"Really? !" At that time, James was so excited that he stood up directly. He even wanted to dance with joy and he promised solemnly, "Two years, two years are absolutely enough. As long as I enter the entertainment circle, I can make a living in one year."

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At three p.m.

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ideal man in the world.

XY Entertainment Company was a subsidiary of the Zhu Group, and its boss was Adela, Harrison's fiancee.

the whole XY Entertainment Company was supporting Harrison, and Adela was even generous. She constantly spent money to create momentum for him, and

any presentable works, he had become a popular actor with countless

changed to shoot a movie, and needed the hot actor like Harrison who had lots of fans and topics as the supporting role of

skills. Harrison was born in a rich family of second generation, and he was set up to be a warm man, which was

told Director Xin that she didn't like Emma, which made Director Xin lose his temper on Emma. Director

Emma stepped into the XY Entertainment Company. She tried to look calm, but when she thought that Harrison cheated on her when he was still her boyfriend and broke up with her and he only said sorry to her, her heart ached like a knife cut her

all her heart and soul for two years, but in the end, she was not as

soon as the receptionist of the XY Entertainment Company saw Emma, she stepped forward and stopped her, "I'm sorry, Miss Emma. Adela told

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