Only you in my love

Chapter 192 Plea

When James turned around, she was gone.

"Master, go to the Communication University." Emma had got on the taxi and left without looking back.

"Hello, Emma. Why are you leaving?" When James caught up with her, the car had already been driven away.

Coincidentally, the people of XY Company heard the noise and ran out. The security guard directly fight with the bodyguards of James, but the security guard was pressed on the ground and unable to move.

The bodyguards were all experienced. How could these ordinary security guards be their opponents?

The receptionist shouted, "stop! Stop! What are you doing? How dare you smash things and hit people? I'll call the police. Wait and see. "

Emma ignored him again. With a depressed look on his face, James put his one hand in trouser pocket. Hearing that someone was going to call the police, he was instantly angry. He closed his eyes and opened again with a fierce look.

He turned around and walked towards them, tilting his head casually. He walked very slowly, with her heels on the ground first. He looked like a ruffian, and he also looked like a member of a rich family.

"Call the police? Do you know who I am? "

"I don't care who you are. How dare you bully Adela? You are screwed."

It was hard to say who would be the one to be defeated.

James pointed at himself and said arrogantly, "My family name is Shi. My brothers call me Mr. James and they also called me bully. I hit the face of Adela, and smashed the signboard of your the XY Entertainment Company. You help Harrison who was a scum. Bah..."

He stepped on the poster and spit on Harrison's face.

The receptionist heard that he was the young master of the family. As soon as her phone reached her ear, it fell to the ground and her legs were weak.

Nobody dared to offend James who had grown up with Mr. John. Anyone who offended him would offend Mr. John.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Mr. James, I didn't mean it." The receptionist apologized in a hurry, squatted down and picked up the phone that screen was broken. She turned around and ran into the company. As soon as she entered, she called Adela.

When Adela came back, James had already left with his bodyguards.

Looking at the mess at the entrance of the company, she was so angry but she dared not to say anything. She could only vent her anger on the employees in the company.

The news soon spread to the North Yard.

In the study, Henry told the whole matter to John. Instead of getting angry, John smiled.

He finally saw James's courage and uprightness.

they had to give an explanation. John


with his hands on both sides of the table, holding Nina sitting on the


She turned around and looked


his left finger and asked her to

John's hand now.

it was because the man was too close to her that the breath that had just spoken sprayed in her ears. Her heart trembled slightly

she signed her own name on the document by accident out

her senses, she had already

reached out his hand and rubbed her head, pointing at the blank area behind her name. "Sign my name on


John nodded

was the planning for the old city of the University. When the construction of that place was completed, it would

never used his right hand

on the bed, sitting on the sofa and chair, or hanging

a month

have time to pick

the way, Kristina seemed to be frowning.

guessed that she was unhappy because Noah was going to work again and worried about the

sighed, "There is something wrong with the

Ye Group, but Song

night that Mr. John had cut off half of the overseas business of the Song Group. Now the Song Group was facing a huge financial difficulty. Albert was so busy that others couldn't find him for long time and didn't

made her

please send me to the Time Group. I have

wanted to beg Mr. John to let go of

Time Group. Kristina didn't want Nina to know about these things, so she gave Nina the previous shopping list and sent

I asked someone to buy these things and sent them to the company by

was sending her away on purpose. After all, she had no interest in business

the elevator and arrived at the door of the president's office on the


it was the closest time that she had seen him. He was a gentle man with a scholar like

are you here for Mr. John? Please wait a moment.

around and walked

Henry, Kristina felt that he looked more like a person in her memory. She said thoughtfully, "Assistant Henry's surname is Ye. Maybe we are a family

Ye, you

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