Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Chapter 3 Tales of Rivalries

A/N Helooo my lovely fellas, I'm back!!! Sorry for not updating the last 2 weeks. I had a lot of stuff to do and I was out of ideas to write. Anyway, it took me few night to dream and think how to make this chapter exciting. Not waste your time anymore, here comes the story.

Artemis's POV

That night wasn't a pleasant night to sleep. But I manage to put my mind back to the realm of Hypnos.

Even when I was asleep, the image of that werewolf kept bouncing back in my dream. Though I tried hard to change it, but it was no use besides, we feel weaker when we're asleep.

Then the first light of the next day finally shined in through the window. Birds started to sing on the branches and the wind was calm and everything seemed just so normal and peaceful. Like nothing had happened last night. Everything I saw was just my imagination.

I slowly turn on my side, yawning, lazy to crawl out of the bed. Whenever I was back at Leto's island, I turned back to myself in the good old days. Never wondered or concerned about everything in the world.

But instead when my position changed and my arm should've hit the blanket or the soft bed. It landed on something else.

Until then, I started to realise the odd thing that was occurring in the room, or in specific on my bed.

A warm and tender wind was blowing at the back of my neck. My eyes were wide opened at this point, since I felt something was laying on my waist. Each time the warm air blew on my neck, a sensation caused shiver down my spine. I slowly turned my head and the last thing I wanted was scream.


Yup I did. Laying next to me was a male. A disgusting creature, a pig with black messy hair. As I screamed, I managed to get off the bed and at the time waking the brave invader who was about to face the punishment worse than being thrown into Tartarus.

"What...what?" The male sat up immediately, still confused of what was going on. Scratching the back of his neck, looking around.

Now I got a better look at him. His hair jet black hair appeared to be messier since he kept scratch it. His feature was fine for his kind with the unusual sea-green eyes of his reminded me of someone I knew. He was around 17 and seemed to be tall.

He turned to me and before I could kill him, he gave out an ears destructive scream.

"Shut your mouth you filthy animal!" I snarled. "What the Hades are you doing in my room!?"

He stopped screaming and frowned at me. "I should ask you that question. What are you doing in my room?"

I stared at him dumbfound. "This is my room you smelly pig!" I yelled. "I'm gonna kill you for entering without permission!"

is my room lady" he responded, standing up from the bed. "I don't know where the hell are you come from. But I need an clear

The male in front of my didn't wear anything except his blue boxer. He had a fine body for his kind with chest and packs and everything. Just then I felt conscious and looked

me, and I just stared back at him. Then

for tainting my reputation" I cried, summoning my

he threw his hands in surrender

jumped aside to dodge as it contacted the wall, causing an explosion and created a hole

enter my room and now attack me." He


room, my arrow shot at his back. He was incredibly fast for a human.


arrow after arrow at him. It knocked over the vase, dozen stuck on the wall, fews landed on the floor and there was one scattered the mirrors into pieces.

This is not funny!" He dodged another arrow of my.

keep my mouth shut if I was you!" I snapped.

even do?"

and sleep next to me with your filthy, naked smelly

Four thousand years of an oath to swear of men, and yet today, a single male came into ruin it. True he didn't do anything to me, I was still a maiden. But he did sleep next to me naked. If this got out, I wouldn't know where to hide

we just at least talk it out.

up!!!" I screamed and pull back my

release it when Leto came running

is happening?" She breathed hard, looking around the no-longer my bedroom.

behind her. "Mo-mother" He said. "That scary girl just came into my room

not call her mother you pig!"

my mother Hot-Head"

pulled back my arrow again when Leto

it both

was one thing you

of us and sighed out.

like this" she muttered then moved into the middle of the room and looked at

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