Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Chapter 6 Confused Saviour’s Tales (Part I)

Third person Point of view

Artemis sat by the lake, her finger drew circles on its surface. She gave out a frustrated sigh.

Why does that idiot take things so serious anyway? She thought. She admitted it was part of her fault. But she did try to apology earlier, well almost...but still. There wasn't any apparent reason for him to be mad and run away. Now she stuck here without knowing what to do.

she couldn't return home with a new Perseus missing. Leto gonna be so mad and she would never ever try to anger her. But she just couldn't wait here either. What if that idiot wouldn't come up? And how could he hold his breath for so long? It's been nearly ten minutes and she hadn't seen any sign of him drowning or bubbles appear on the lake's surface.

She knew she had to do something. Something to get him out of there before she gets into more trouble.

"Perseus" Artemis called out to the water. "Perseus you can come out now. You've been down there long enough."

Again, no answer, no response, no sign of him had heard her. She growled under her throat.

This was the only male had irritated her most and she couldn't do anything about him. She shivered from the cold air in the cave, it was warm a moment ago. She had to get out of there quick.

"Hey Perseus answer me!" She yelled. "If you not coming up, I'm gonna jump down got that!?"

Percy sat at the bottom of the lake, his finger drawing the image of Artemis smiling on the sand by his finger. He didn't know why he was drawing her even when he was so mad at her. It was his mistake to bring her to this place. No, he shouldn't have to like her from the beginning. He had longed for someone to regard his presence, even just another person besides his mother. Yet now, when a second person added and that was the one he hoped most. She had disappointed him greatly.

he didn't have the urge to resurface. He didn't want to see her right now. Why can't she just go

heard motion on the surface and a blast of water as

patience, Artemis swam straight into the bottom of the lake. She had prepared herself to apology him. Well that was preparation, not actually on progress. She wasn't sure if she had that courage to say that two words. And besides, she had hurt him more than she could imagine. She couldn't just look at him and say 'hey Perseus, I'm sorry for insulting you. Come back with me or I will have to sleep outside tonight because

up because she would be in danger down here. She knew it was

his sense and came to see her. But that smile soon faded when the closer the

of a dog appeared with fangs as large as daggers. It nearly snapped Artemis in

another charge. Artemis breathed out heavily, her heart wanted to jump out from her chest. Death just passed between her eyes. She kicked herself for mentioning

fur. It surprised her because no hellhound could achieve this size. This monster was as big as a tank and weight properly tones. But it swam in

for a charge and

with her leg kicking in the water, her hand raised to a sign of

she smoothed him. "I'm going off ok? Sorry for invading

as with a

scream and started to swim for her life. She dodged some of its strike every now and then, but the way to the surface was

the glittering light at the top. She was saved. Passing through the water and in her domain, she could summon her

kicked in. Perseus was still down there! Perhaps he might have been eaten by this monster, but what if he was hiding

had decrease. The hellhound was lunging itself as full speed with its legs kicking off, sending the fishes away. It was a decision for her to make, either she swam up to the surface and kill this monster then save Perseus later. Or strike down to the bottom to save him with the tank of fur at her back. The first

casted away her chance of survival. She did compromise her mind that was it worth for her to sacrifice for a male. Maybe she would die down there in the process, but now, it seemed

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