Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Chapter 14 Tale of Incidents

Artemis Point of View

Today was the day, first of Perseus settlement here. Artemis set the flap of his tent aside as she stepped in. The moment she was in his area, the warm feeling caught her immediately. It was at the beginning of winter, outside was pretty cold in this period of time so there weren't many hunters wanted to go out. Normally there would be a heater in Artemis's tent, but somehow, Perseus radiated a warm atmosphere that would turn winter back to spring.

She sighed out when he was still laying as sleep on his bed. Artemis knew he had a bad habit of deep sleep. Whenever his head hit the pillow, Perseus would stay dead like that for many hours. She didn't understand why was he was in such deep commas when his animal instinct was supposed to be on guard all the time. Guess Perseus was special after all.

She furry towards him and started yelling.

"Hey, Perseus wake up! It's already nine!"

Again there wasn't any response coming out from him, considering the fact she nearly ripped her throat out from yelling.

"Wake up you sleepy head!" She gripped on his shoulder and shook him furiously. To his response, he smacked her hands off and turned on the other side, continued snoring his brain out.

Blood boiling up Artemis's veins. First he didn't obey her, now he even physically touched her and even harsh. She was insulted from his ignorance and her pride was stained, she'd never forgive that.

Artemis slapped him on his cheek, yelling and hit on his chest to wake him up. Only to receive a few words from him.

"I can't smell blue pancakes mum. Gimme five minutes"

She screamed out in range. How deep was he asleep? She knew he was tired from the event yesterday and the grief from separated from Leto. She knew on the island Leto was easy on Perseus and time was pretty open up for him, but in her camp, discipline was priority. Rules must be followed.

She climbed on the bed, hitting his chest, jumped up and down. The wooden bed creaked from the weights and the process she was trying to wake him.

Suddenly, Artemis lost her balance and fell on top of him. Her face hit on his chest, her entire body laid flat on him like they had combined to one. She looked up, her hands on his hard chest where she could feel every muscle through the fabric. His eyes were still closing, only Artemis's eyes widened as she stared at his face without responding to any nerves of hers. He was so adorable when he was asleep, she couldn't help but to brush her finger along his cheek.

Suddenly, reality flashed back to her as she leaned back, shocked from what she just did? For a moment she lost control of herself, and she had allowed the bad side of her took over. What the heck was I thinking!? She kicked herself.

Just then, Perseus work as he sat up, only to come face in face with Artemis, who was still sitting on his thighs. His eyes widened, Artemis lost her soul. Both their cheeks burnt and then, Percy gave out his highest pitch scream.

Artemis fell off the bed as she tried to sit up, rubbing her head while trying to process back what just happened.

"What the hell were you doing on my bed?" Percy asked.


I fall asleep the moment I hit the pillow?"

because you were sleeping like a copse and whatever method I used. YOU DIDN'T WAKE

I can't help that!" Perseus told her. "Beside, why did you come to my

today! Also you need to change your 'regular sleep hours' because we wake at seven every morning. Now get off your bed sleepy head and prepare yourself. I'll be back in few

out her danger as it dimmed in the light.

you better

listen to Artemis, they would've had another long argument already. Even when he liked her, he still found her annoying sometimes and that also came

she gonna pull on him, Perseus climbed out of bed and went

of dirt. To the left of the tent, like another room, connected with a hall way that ran across the living room was his bed bed and a nightstand. To the leg corner just near the flap was his closet. Lucky he packed enough close to fill it up because the

that cold, but his seemed abandoned. Much for the outcast area of camp he thought. There was a toilet

he was in the beginning of winter and he had to bath in cold water. Just in desperate thought, he remembered the flame his

small fancy red box. It contained the eternal flame that could heat forever, the fact where did she get it was still a mystery

super powerful wolf hands to with could control after a thousand year. He set the box in the hole, just under the bathtub and clicked on the ruby at the centre of the box. Immediately, an orange flame surged up on from the box and the water in

by the magic. He didn't know how hot it was but it heated up the icy water in just a second. He turned up the flame immediately or he

knew Artemis would be jealous considering mother didn't give her the magic flame. The thought made him smirking, so far, he always tried to do something better than her. The fact that she was always angry at him didn't bother him much. He had learnt from his mother where Artemis would turn people into jackalope. That hair ridiculous, she would never turn him......right? He sat up, so far he had made enough antagonism with her. On the island because of mother's presence that

voice and his heart raced million

are you done in

on him every few minutes, she wasn't on any babysitting. Percy scrambled out of the

She yelled from outside. Why did she cared much anyway? Percy frowned in annoy. It was his tent so he had the right

He fumbled, putting

it I'm

moment she walked in she just stood there wide-eyed. Lucky for Percy he had his pants on already. But he

mouth opened in an O. Her cheek was filling up heat and she was suffering shortage

his shirt when he had

"You disgusting male!"

leaving Perseus struggle to put on his shirt properly while

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