Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Chapter 15 Tale of Duty

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Percy Point of View

Percy stood outside Artemis's tent, waiting for her to come out and talk to him, or just simply wait for her to come back from wherever she flashed to. He hit his palm, purse and yelled at himself for being stupid. What would she do to me? Kill or castrate me from the hunt? then where would I go? Percy thought. Perhaps find a way to return to Leto. Then another question struck him hard, what would Leto ask if he returned? He couldn't say he accidently kissed Artemis and got kicked out.

Then his mind swayed back to the kiss. It was a slight and short kiss, but he still felt that sweetness of hers. He never thought would be close to Artemis, talk about kissing her. Even though when his life was on a balance, part of him still satisfied. He knew many people would think that was wrong, even Leto would be angry if he told her his thought of Artemis. For the last nine hundred years, Percy never once had a brotherly feeling to Artemis, perhaps because she didn't know he existed. He had to admit himself that he had a crush on her, and he always wanted to talk to her, or just to make friend with Artemis.

Now when Artemis had known about him and they even lived together, all those feelings he had stored for almost nine hundred years just exploded from spending time with her. It extended rapidly that his feeling drawn to her closer day by day. First, he just thought of now he had a chance to be a friend with Artemis, but he was no able to control his heart and its desire. He wanted more than a friend.

Even though Artemis just thought of him as a brother, it disappointed him true enough, but he was happy that she was at least cared for him. But now, that might never happen again because of that unfortunate accident.

He looked up as some hunters passed by and each gave him a glare. He never liked them much, or neither did they. The only person at camp that he actually liked to talk with was Annabeth, she was a nice girl, and he didn't understand how she ended up in this place.

"Hey Perseus" a voice came made him startled.

he turned to see Annabeth smiling at him, his saddened eyes lit up.

"Hey Annabeth" he greeted her.

Annabeth set down her bow, sweeping the sweats of her forehead from the archery training, He liked the smell of her hair, strawberry mixing with a few roses.

"I see you are waiting for your work," she said. " Where's Lady Artemis? I saw her came to your tent a few minutes ago, did something happen?"

"Uh-nothing happened actualy" he sturttered, sweats started to form at the top of his forehead from her sharp brain. "She just left the moment I woke."

"I barely see her smile, perhaps from everything is happening. She's worried about something I'm sure of it, but she wouldn't share with us. I think something has happened on Olympus, could

was like Annabeth knew about his secret and was toying with him. So far, she had got most of the situation correct, now

was now looking at him with her intelligent grey eyes, with

were waiting for her far away, folding their arms with not really pleasant faces. Annabeth turned to

really like me talking to you. Been whispering last night, anyway, gotta go or Thalia gonna give me a

I don't prefer

bow, then sprinted up to the training ground where her friends were waiting. Percy

aside and Artemis stood there with a frustrated face when she

Perseus put on a smile, thinking

the other hand still hadn't got over the incident earlier. The least person she wanted to see right now. She knew he was waiting outside the entire time, but didn't bother to come out to face him. Then suddenly, after his light conversation with Annabeth, her heart urged her to move. She didn't know why she did that, but she felt a bit uncomfortable with Annabeth being too close to him. Perhaps she was afraid that Annabeth would fall in love with him and break her rule, then again, she was also afraid that Perseus would have a feeling for Annabeth. It suddenly saddened her. She never imagined Perseus hands in hands with another female, maybe because he had never since many female before and he was considered as uncontaminated. Also, they had been close lately, and every time they met, she felt a stronger connection with him like they were made to meet. Now

she demanded and closed the flap of her

whenever she saw his smile, all of it was for

Artemis gave him a scroll, made out of

hunters for you to do the chores in

her, she always wanted to rub on his cheek and smile at him whenever he confused. To which he always was. Stupid but adorable.

enough for you?"

do the cooking?" he

everyone in this camp"

her words "Aren't you a god? Can't you just summon something

"I can summon things for hunting like arrows and traps, but food

about to argue

follow the schedule," she told him, "It's only good for you. Now go and finish your chores for today.

just great for the time"

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