Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Chapter 19 Hunting Tale

Artemis’s point of view

Two weeks already passed and there was still no new of Percy. She had chased him across California through every corner and forest until she finally lost his track at Utah. The only thing she was concerned was if he was in the trauma and uncontrolled stage that his werewolf would tear the entire western united states to pieces. Not only that but now the Olympians were chasing him and with Perseus being on a rampage would draw attentions.

Artemis devoured the meat as her appetite seemed to disappear any moment. She missed his cook, the magnificent taste that always made her head exploded with fireworks. Artemis often found herself standing in his tent in the morning the past 2 weeks, maybe she had formed a habit of waking him, or she was waiting, hoping that he would be soundlessly asleep on his bed. Neither did occur.

"Milady, is there any new about Perseus?" Annabeth suddenly asked.

Artemis looked up and shook her head with a sigh following. She was concerned and perhaps irritated sometimes with Annabeth being too close to Perseus, but having her to be considered his only friend in the camp made her pleased a little. If it wasn't for Annabeth, things would've gotten worse if she didn't report the prank to her.

"He's probably too scared to return" Thalia scoffed. "Coward and hopeless male"

Artemis was about to speak to her when the young hunters snapped. "You have caused this mess Thals! things were fine until you chased him away. Now we can't even have a decent meal"

"So now you guys blame this on me" Thalia slammed her palms on the table that rattled the plates. "Don't ever forget your past with males girls! And what does things fine before huh? His arrival just messed up everyth-"

A sound of flesh against flesh occurred through the pavilion as everyone gasped in shock at the sight. Annabeth stood there trying to control her breathing while Thalia was holding her cheek with five red weal marks of fingers on it. The hall turned cold as the sky darkened.

"Annabeth what the hell!?" Phoebe yelled as she lunged at her, other hunters clashed in and pushed her back, leaving Annabeth remained intact. Meanwhile, Thalia just stood there still shocked from the slap from someone she considered as her sister.

The pavilion exploded into a fight with young hunters protecting Annabeth while the others wanted justice for Thalia. The food was thrown over the place, there were yelling and cursing and Artemis, who was completely stunned by what was in front of her. Never in her life since she established the hunt had experienced this antagonism and conflict. What brought Artemis a little hope where Annabeth's side was supporting Perseus and waiting for his return while the opposition kept trying to grab at Annabeth and yelling insult and their vows. That was until Zoe take action.


Her palms hit the table and the crowd silent.

"Are ye not see the Lady presence?" She glared around with intimidation. "At least act like civilised people."

"Girls," Artemis looked around with exhausted gaze. "This is not just about Perseus, but also the safety of the immortals as well. You sure know that werewolf' bite can end our life right."

"Then let the Olympian chase him down and execute him." Phoebe huffed. "It's not our concern anymore. We have no more responsibility for him."

"What are you talking about?" Amara, a hunter who had been in the Hunt for nearly ten years snarled. "Have you ever felt appreciated with the chores and meals he provides us? What did he do wrong anyway? By far he's been the most decent male I have seen in my life."

"And I have promised my mother to take care of him, Phoebe," Artemis said from her seat, all heads turned to her. "Even when you guys  have no responsibility with him, it's still mine."

just let you find him alone," Phoebe

why I'm asking for

to shift, no apparent enthusiasm on their faces. She knew the task was not easy. Hunting werewolf without confronting it ever

bow. "Who's coming with

hunters started to move after HER as the others made way for them, Zoe looked at

guys are disrespecting

Zoe," Artemis

rumbled across the sky like it wanted to rip it in half. Zoe turned to Artemis to

and looked around. "Meanwhile, Zoe

but Artemis just gave


the atmosphere around her. It wasn't boisterous like normal, even the wind had stopped blowing and the doves of Aphrodite seemed to absent

to her vision as the highest steps and they gleamed in the sunlight, but she knew, behind it was somehow worse

metal doors creaked open, it sounds vibrated throughout the vast hall. All heads turned to her as the goddess strolled down across the room. She resembled on her

you summoned me" she

a bit nervous. "We have got some tracks about

find him that easily. Hestia and she had cast a glamour on him, he would just appear as a mortal to anyone. Even though he escaped in California, there was no way he could travel across the entire North America to reveal his track. She glanced around the room nervously. What if they tortured him, she couldn't bear the sight of him being hurt, or even worse, they had killed him. Then where was Apollo, did Perseus reveal about their relationship and now Artemis was actually inside a trap and

at her of how could she still acting when her crime already revealed. But instead, her father gave out a

report," Zeus said. "That the werewolf has made

swirled like cob-web, trying to compromise his

victims." Zeus demanded and

expression was intimidating and the aura around him seemed dull but hotter than usual. He stopped in the middle of the throne room, his eyes suddenly gazed to her that Artemis suddenly felt danger circled around the goddess. It was cold, hatred and madness that was radiated from that gaze, a gaze even Artemis had to be afraid of from the brother she

"Father." He bowed.

them Apollo," Zeus ordered

skin gleamed with the colour of bronze and gold that his frail body laid breathing, hopeless and weak breath. A metal smell of magic hit against her nose as Artemis frown of why her brother putting a glamour on the patient. Until then, the god of healing flicked his finger and everything

away, even Hermes puked out right there. Artemis dared take a look at the victim and found the source of that smell. Right at his forearm, an infected wound was still spreading across his scaly skin. She found some deep making within the rotting and still leaking blood flesh and she realised it was a bite mark. The poison of the attacker had carved deep into his skin, dissolved the layer of flesh and until the bone. The blood kept pouring out onto

in a different location on the victim's body. She recognised on of them, a dessert god whom she encountered a few months ago on her hunt in Arizona. He had practically begged her for his life and Artemis had let him go. But

their body so that they don't have

the view

were bitten by a werewolf," Zeus

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