Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Chapter 26 Tale of Love Presence

Percy’s Point of View

PThey both startled as Percy jumped off Artemis immediately. His eyes were still panicked as his brain was still trying to compromise as least to remember what'd just happened between. That was until he turned to the person that interrupted their moment.

She was too hard for the description his brain could form. Too beautiful for his eyes could set, for his heart to beat and for him to breathe.

In front of him was a women, a goddess as he believed. She was elegantly without trying, fashionable without effort and stunning without makeup. She appeared with that ethereal, smooth and flawless skin. Her blonde curly Disney princess hair like Annabeth shinning under the sun. Her face was what made Perseus lost his breath, his heart to skip a beat. Those were Artemis, part of his mother and Hestia. This goddess possessed the prettiest trace of every woman he had met. But mostly Artemis. Her eyes kept changing the colour from stormy grey to silver, then to icy blue that to fiery orange and to shining gold. It was hard to describe, it confused his nerves. She was in that perfect shape, nothing to criticise in that elegant and elaborate pink dress, a crown of flowers upon her golden hair.

The place her feet touched seemed to be more lively, flower grew around her, grass coiling around with flowers, even some made those perfect shapes of the heart.

"It's seemed that I've interrupted something" her voice was elegant like the high class people with grace and contain a little amount of arrogance, yet flirtatious.

"It's a misunderstanding" Artemis swept her jacket and stared at her.

"So don't you mind to explain Artemis?" She smiled. Percy could not make any word to help Artemis. He was overwhelmed by her beauty, the unknown desire building up within him. Even the Moon beast was brought down by such astonishing sight of a being.


"And I wonder who this handsome man might be" the goddess didn't let Artemis have any chance to speak as she walked over to Percy and ran her finger on his chest.

Percy's knee felt like Jello at her touch, all his muscles just melt along with his brain. Those dazzling eyes like pools of spring water stared at his, made him just wanted to bow at her feet and her smile that would've lit up the dark side of the moon.

"I-I" he just stared at her, his lips and tongue had just curled together.

"APHRODITE stop using your power on him!" Artemis suddenly yelled that Percy suddenly got back his strength. Aphrodite gave out the cutest pout in front of him as she turned back to Artemis.

"Aww" She groaned. "It's not common to find Artemis close to a man like this. I just wanted to test his endurance"

"For what?" Artemis grumbled.

"To see if he's just like common man or worthy enough for even Artemis to be comfortable at his touches."

"And..." Artemis leaned closer. The look on her face that really wanted that answer only to worry Perseus even more.

"Hah you fell for it!" Aphrodite suddenly exclaimed as she pointed at Artemis. "I knew one day, one day Artemis would come to that!"

"I told you Athena! Suck it cus now you're owning me a hundred drachmas!" She then turned to the sky and shouted at it.

"I told you for the second time it's not what you think!" Artemis cried.

"How can I deny when you were in his arms, your lips were at the point of touching?" Aphrodite looked at her with a sneer. "And I can sense it Artemis"

"Sense what!?" Artemis grimaced as she snapped.

"There's definitely something going on between you two!" She clapped her hand.

"Tell me is he your new boyfriend" she appeared next to Artemis and flung her arm around Artemis shoulder. "How long had you guys dating? How many time did you kiss? Are you still a maiden goddess? If no then was it intense?"

"What intense?" Artemis frowned.

"You know what I meant" Aphrodite smiled at her. "That xxx session" and started touching the tips of her index together.

"Well to tell you the fact Aphrodite" Artemis rolled her eyes. "That boy right there is my half little brother to whom you assumed to be an impossible to even think boyfriend AND THERE'S NO WAY ILL BE GETTING INTO THAT XXX!"

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carry Aphrodite into the infirmary. But it seemed Artemis was better with anger

not happen!" Artemis yelled.

isn't she?" Aphrodite voice suddenly came at his side as Percy turned only

seriously should stop teleporting suddenly next to someone like that" Percy

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have your name?"


The goddess said. "I used to admire the original Perseus. It was great in fighting

him Aphrodite!" Artemis scowled from a distance.

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out few words after hearing our story. "And you are saying Hestia

to keep it a secret." Artemis explained. "The less people know

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you can trust" Aphrodite said without hesitation. "I've fitted with all of it."

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Aphrodite" Artemis pressed in.

Aphrodite said in a more sensible way this time.

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too rare" Aphrodite pouted. "You

and sixty six times. DO NOT CALL ME ARTY AND PERSEUS IS

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always be annoying" Artemis sighed the moment she was

come back?"

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"I saw that look Perseus. You

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him. "If you didn't have those corrupted mind, even if I threw you into a

has anti-Aphrodite's power like you Maiden goddesses." Perseus

that just made the matter worst. "What did you say!" She screamed.

her. "It's not like you care anyway! And why should

Artemis uttered from continue ranting at

his eyes widened.


get back to camp" She cut him off. "We're already late for

He would've woken up by Artemis rant and scowl. He would start his day with chores and occasional pranks from the old hunters. Lucky

seemed that Artemis watched his every move. Everywhere he went had her watching. And it

was cleaning the tent, two arms suddenly wrapped

"Busy much?"

the voice and scent immediately.

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