Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Chapter 33 Tale of Warm Welcome

Percy’s Point of View

Dizziness but the blurry image was starting to scenes. Percy vision clear and the first thing he saw, no the first person was an angry Artemis staring down at him.

A very furious Artemis.

Before he could say a word, she slapped him with such force that Zeus's thunder would have no match that his head buried into the white pillow.

"Ouch!" Percy held his swollen cheek and glared at her. "What was that for!?"

Artemis leaned back then put a hand on her hip, the other held up the tube that was used to exchange their blood.

"Why did you risk your life to do this?" She said as humanly, or as godly calm as possible. "I didn't endanger my life to save you so that you can risk it again."

She was glowing, and when she glows, things get bad.

"Calm down first, you are glowing" he told her. The last time she glowed silver, a dagger had buried in his torso.

She huffed, but her power had been submerged.

"You were dying!" He said. "What do you expect me to do?"

She turned away from him, ignored his reply, her arms folded at her chest.

Percy pulled out the needle at his inner elbow and stood up, he held her chin and turned her face to him. His eyes bored on her silver's.

"I've promised in front of mother" he told her. "I'll protect you no matter what. So I won't let you die on me Artemis"

"Talk the guy who's the cause of everything" She huffed, but couldn't stare at him as she said so.

"We are both wrong in this ok?" He sighed. "If I could get over my insecurities, then I wouldn't have ran away and if you could come over your stubbornness"

"I'm not stubborn!" Artemis opened her eyes and defended herself.

"Yeah right" Percy snorted, but that seemed to get the goddess angrier.

him again, his head seemed to have spun a 360 degrees.

stop the slapping!" He groaned. "You just came back from

some senses for you" she

if we're actually related" he pouted, rubbing the spot where she knocked.

of the tent opened and Apollo walked in, the moment he saw Artemis, his eyes lit up like

slightly pushed her forward towards a running Apollo, no a Rugby League player. Apollo

soooo boring without our scowling and shooting

snickered, only to received consistent

me from hitting on your hunters." He added with a

him away and growled.

joking" he laughed.

her bow as Apollo summoned a table and held it in front of him as

already?" He said.

Clearly she was not

"Let's go" Artemis ordered

Percy frown, looking at Apollo was was as oblivious as him. Maybe she wanted

eyes. "They wouldn't appreciate it if I don't show

to talk to aunt Hestia" Percy snapped his finger, however sweats were starting to for,

included the fact he nearly got her killed. If his genital was not cut off, then his head must

you dare hiding from them Perseus" Artemis growled. "I'll hunt you

"You just said you didn't endanger your life

also saved me Perseus!" Artemis chimed in. "That would be a solid reason fo them to keep

to jump into a pit of snakes and a pit of fire. Which one will it be?" Percy said. "Of course

excuses blabla." Artemis rolled

a thumb.

that just doesn't make the situation any brighter,

narrowed her eyes, a weird yet happy feeling

when did you two become

in the infirmary" Apollo said casually with

Artemis as possible, hiding behind her back despite the fact Artemis was quite uncomfortable with it. His breathing fanned the back of her neck kept sending chills down her spine.

brought the...". Before Artemis could say the next word, arrows were already flying at her direction. With

a tree, the hunters seemed to satisfied since his face was as

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