Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Chapter 34 Tale of Fantasy

Percy’s Point of View

Percy still hadn't gotten over that kiss on his wound by Artemis. Now and then he kept touching the place where her soft lips touched his skin. A sensation of happiness ran through him, yet he tried to make a straight face to bring down the suspicion.

He walked behind her, trying not to stay next to the goddess or the colour of his cheek would reveal everything.

He believed it was a sisterly kiss since he got beaten up by her hunters. Actually it was more like a pity kiss to congratulate him surviving their assault. Percy was glad though, it was probably the first male to be ever kissed by the goddess of man-haters.

"What's holding your legs?" Artemis turned to him, startled the werewolf. "You know the hunters wouldn't be pleased if you serve them late dinner right?"

Percy eyes widened at her words. Once to anger the hunters was enough, he wouldn't dare to be pinned down by arrows again. His legs found some motivation to catch up with Artemis.

"You know they went easy on you back there" Artemis started a conversation after awhile.

"By sticking me to a tree by arrows?" Percy sneered with sarcasm. "I'd really appreciate that"

"Oh stop being a grudge holder" Artemis groaned in annoy. "They were planning about punishment. I was surprised that they didn't carry out all of them."

"Save for the future maybe?" Percy glance at her from the corner of his eyes.

Percy didn't notice until he felt Artemis stopped. She looked at the ground for a while, her brows knitted together, her lips curled downward that made Percy heart fell.

Why was she sad?

"Hey...what's wrong?" He walked closer in front of her and said softly.

"They are still angry at me you know" Artemis mumbled. "Even when they don't talk or show anything about it, I know they still felt uncomfortable of why I stabbed you that day."

"Maybe you are just overthinking it" Percy tried to cheer her. He didn't believe that the hunters could actually angry at Artemis.

"Because you haven't been here long enough Perseus"

"Well I'm here now and I'm sure what ever they had in there mind back then have been ceased to exist." Percy smiled, clapping his hands. Percy then pointed at his chest with a smirk. "What can I say? I'm too awesome"

That got Artemis chuckled a little as she pushed him playfully. Percy grinned at her but turned serious after a while.

"It was practically my fault in there." He told her. "This time I'll make it right Artemis. I promise you that no matter what happens and how many more time I'm gonna land int he infirmary by you. I won't leave the hunt."

Her eyes sparkled. They actually sparkled at his words. That silver eyes reflected the sky and Percy's face as her lips slightly opened. He was afraid she was going to cry or doing something to avoid of crying. Normally getting angry and Percy ending up beaten. He immediately tried to clear the mood.

"Just don't abuse it and send me into the infirmary too often yeah?" He winked, holding up his hands.

She laughed at his words and did the most unexpected thing. She hugged him. A strong embrace that her arms squeezed around his back, her height made her only reached up his chest. Percy was like paralysed on the spot.

"Thank you"

He could barely get any word in, his brain was all messed up at the moment their. All the neurons transmitting the information just ran all over the place. Finally he managed to form some words.

"F-for what?"

"Promising not to leave" she whispered, giving him another squeeze before releasing him.

The moment she left the contact, Percy brain started to function again. He tried to make a joke to hide the blush that was starting to form on his cheeks.

"I guess you're already terrified from the troubles every time I run away?" He smirked.

And that got him a punch. It wasn't a playful one

"You stupid idiot!" She yelled and stormed off.

Oops, maybe she thought he didn't appreciate her words and made fun off it. Probably she was thinking how big was his brain and how much of her words actually get into that dense skull. Still better than let her discover him having a crush on her though. That would totally awkward and not to mention him being executed.

Percy sighed at the thought and hurried after her.

At the bottom of the hill that leads up to the dining pavilion, Percy heard cheers and glass clinking and yells.

He made his way to the dining area and the scene glued his feet to the ground.

They were having a party.

Wine barrels lined one after another at the corner of the hall. The hunters were fully emerged in the atmosphere of the party. Food lined up on the long table but no one seemed to be interesting in it as they devoured down that purple liquid. They jumped across the table, cheered with the others and dancing everywhere. Artemis seemed to be chilled, he thought she was still angry from the last moment they had.

Even Apollo and Aphrodite were there.

All the activities stopped and eyes turned to him and his foot shifted uncomfortably.

"Uh I think I'm gonna take my leave" he said awkwardly , pointed his thumb to his back and started moving backward.

The next thing got him terrified.

Thalia matched up to him and had her arm swung around his neck.

"Where do think you are going Kelp Head?" She grinned, a gleam of evil sparked in her eyes.

him towards the party

guys of the party

pushed forward into the crowd after a cheer from the hunters. Thalia chuckled as she folded her

wines were coming to him. Percy was pushed from side


voice and turned to

Gods what now?

to her. Apparently, her place was where the oldest

he did not want

stared at the normal seat that he used to sit everyday, but now they evaporated a sense of suspicion. There could be anything on that seat, super glue, undried paint or some itchy substances of a herb that

was not wise, Thalia already grabbed his collar and pulled him

R.I.P butt.

her arms around his neck casually and smiled

said. "How much can you

tinny red had indicated how much wine she had consumed. Percy was half glad since she would probably forget about the troubles he caused, but the other part was

say a

wooden jar was pushed towards him.

break between" Phoebe

a whirlpool in the cup

The party they prepared for him actually surprised her.

by these mortal wines. That

effect dude!" He made a seat

he drank too much of that wine mixed with nectar and other godly ingredients that can make the gods forget their primal instincts. Actually Dionysus shouldn't have invented this stuff just to fill up his pocket with drachmas. All of a while, she had to keep her eyes on that stupid Fried Brain seen he kept trying to sit next to one of the old hunters. Zoe actually did a good job

affected by the gods wines or not. But she knew that stuff was not quite suitable for a mortal, that's why she

glared back him. "This is his party, let

bottle and raised his own before devouring down some

him made the werewolf a bit uncomfortable. Thalia tried to snatch it from


Artemis for permission but his hand already raised the bottle and already drinking it. He's going to

first, he looked at

one actually has some effects" he blowed out and drank a bit more. "You should

at her and Artemis glowed within when Apollo smirked at the opportunity. All the party, he had been trying to make her drink that despicable wine but she refused. She

Apollo tried to make a fake concerning comment. "Actually your age shouldn't be drinking this. Not for kids ya

head started

I'm scared?"

catch Apollo intention and handed her

sure going to regret that later

the same bottle with you" she snarled.

yourself" The idiot just surge and drank.


down that liquid of insanity. Se emptied the bottle with a second blink of

hit the ground.

"That would've taken

like she had let all her concerns flooded away like the wine into her blood. Her muscled relax from all the disciplines and annoyances. Her mind was

one" she said.

jumping from table to table with a

with Artemis as they started dancing some funny style. Their elbows locked around each other and both faced opposite directions and started moving their feet in circle, knocking plates of food off the table and the hunters hammered their fists on the wooden surface like hit a drum to raise the

time and kept climbing onto his laps, which even in her drunken stage, irritated Artemis. She had dragged the goddess on love off

due the competition and the urge of wine that boosted up his competitive mind. Lucky Artemis somehow, accidentally

the place in the pavilion. Even Artemis

ok?" Percy asked as the drunk Aphrodite, had a unconscious Apollo on her side.

her eyes just couldn't kept open anymore longer. "It's still better than waking Apollo at this stage.

Percy chuckled and Apollo

for now" Percy waved but before he could receive

had some senses. She had to get back fast before unconscious take over her. Percy walked back to the bow silent pavilion, so quite that the

drink" Artemis whined as she shook

up " Percy chuckled. "Anymore and you

growl, but her voice sounded like an eight years old girl who doesn't want to admit their fault. It was so adorable that he just wanted to kissed her forehead and made some jokes. Since she had turned into a twelve years old form, it was now impossible to tell if she

he leaned down to her level and opened his arms. Artemis just that fell right into

style and

taking me?" She said, rubbing her eyes that the wine bottle fell along the way.

of course" he knocked on her head and she rubbed it with a pout. He wished they could be like this forever, she relied on him like this as he protected her. But he knew this wasn't real, this acceptance from Artemis was from the drunk one. The conscious one would never

Percy chuckled and brushed her silky silver hair before walked into the bathroom

he came back, the bed was empty. Their was the mess that indicated she was still in the room. Guess she just wanted to find more wine. That was until he felt the

made him stepped back with a yelp. But then his brain was clouded and words were uttered and stuck in his

Artemis beauty. Her eyes were not that shinny colour but instead dull and clouded, her soft lips were so inviting that he took all his will to stand his ground. But no matter how hard he tried,

smile, playing with a flock of her

was not able to move his jaw muscles at the time. But he knew if he did anything wrong, he would regret

his head, trying to walked but Artemis stepped

seductive tone as she played


pouted but she did the next unexpected thing. Her arm flung around his neck, that body pressed tight against his and the next thing

lips were

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