Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Chapter 36 Tale of A Legend

Artemis’s point of view

"We found you" one of them said. "Werewolf"

Artemis stepped back in defend mode and gripped her dagger tight. She knew Zeus had dispatched many of them throughout the world in search for Perseus. Who would've thought this group would locate near her camp. She was so careless for not sensing their presence earlier. Percy now turned cautious, he wanted to step up but Artemis shielded him. He was not their opponent, they were well trained and immortal, even gods have to struggle if they come in large numbers. No matter what, she just can't let them both die here.

Artemis shot an arrow in front of them, the Olympian warriors stopped.

"Another step and this will in between your eyes" Artemis warned and drew another arrow.

"Lady Artemis" he bowed. "We came by the order of the king, your revolted action can be tolerated, but don't utilise it ere Olympus shall be on you"

"This man is no werewolf" she told them. "There must've been a mistake"

"We have fought with them Milady" the leader spoke. "Not until we die will ever forget their scent."

She could feel tension behind her, Perseus, he was angry. Though she didn't know of the history of her race and his. She knew they were ancient, but she was born after their time and had known not of their existence. Whatever happened in the first war, it had destroyed the alliance between her race and Perseus's forever.

Artemis was now in the corner, she could not run or lie no further. Either she let them capture him or kill them, the only problem is that if one of them escaped, Olympians will be chasing her the next day. Worst, these guys have tendencies to retreat when they see the situation is disadvantaged to them.

She shot another arrow as her answer at a guard, but it flew through him like he was just air.

"We are the king's soldiers" they said at once. "Unless there's order for us to be slaughtered, we won't die by immortal's weapon. Your action rebelled Olympus, we shall let the king's judgment decide thy fate"

So that they marched, their swords raised high, its celestial bronze gleamed intimidating in the night, their large shields protected them as their thunder feet advanced closer and closer. Artemis kept shooting as many arrows as possible, but it seemed to have no defect in them, even if it could, then it was just their shields that bounced off the arrow.

Artemis was panic,

she had no plan of how to save them both until a hand squeezed her shoulder, her muscles gave out to that squeeze. Percy stepped up as she looked at him.

"No" it came out just as a breathe.

"It's ok" he smiled. "I've promised to protect us both remember?"

Before Artemis could speak, he focus his attention now to the marching warriors and roared in that tremendous powerful sound that vibrated the ground and air, as the trees rustled that birds scattered from their nest.

He started running, straight towards the warriors as he lunged with his final push, the wolf presented under the sky. His black fur had Artemis long not seen, that lethal claw she witnessed the day on that island and the red eyes of lasers. The Warriors made a shield wall, but was no match for his brutal strength, crashing on them like an arrow from a ballista, destroyed their formation. He attacked with his claw, pushed them away with the snap of his teeth. He had taken down a few of them, but no matter what, he was by himself.

Slowly but surely he was surrounded. They made a circle around him, with shield as wall, spears centred him that confused his senses. And the first howl came. Tears streaked down Artemis eyes as she watched their spears piercing his flesh, the Ichor wet the ground as the pinned him down to his knees. She tried to run up, but two swordsmen clashed on her and held her at place.

"NO!" She screamed. "Let him go! Don't hist him!"

Yet they continued their cruel job. Their swords slashed as he managed to kill one, yet another made contact with his skin and blood was shed. He was taken down soon enough, as his face pressed to the ground, the wolf stared at her as Artemis cried. He could recognise her, even in that form he could. Her image reflected him his eyes as now it had turned green, yet he did not turn normal.

"Carry out the order and law of Olympus" one of them stood behind him as he declared, a sword at his hand.

She knew that was it, nothing could be done by now as the two just looked at each other but unable to help the other. She wanted to tell him how she felt, at last to let him know that she had that feeling dwell inside her for a time, but as if the situation had blocked her. She struggled under their chain, wanted to come up and hold his cheek, whispered to him that it was ok, to protect his vulnerable heart. Yet she had fell again, her duty and responsibility to protect him.

"You are executed at the spot if found" the warrior raised his sword, the blade of fate as it now aimed at his neck.

"No" Artemis cried as she tried to lung forward, as she shook her head but unable to stop them.

That the blade came, little by little as the time slowed down, it was closer to his neck and would end his life perhaps forever. She could feel him talking to her, yet she could make no word of it. The blade at last came dangerously close at his neck, until the executor frozen. Other warriors looked at him in confusion even he himself, even he fell flat on his face and an arrow with pink feathers struck at his back.

A horse's  neigh vibrated the sky as they all tried to loon for the course. Then suddenly, the light dropped as it landed on one of the warrior. From the crater, a figure raised and Artemis eyes filled with hope. The Olympian warrior left Percy as they formed in new formation, ready for a new attack.

Then from the darkness of the trees, he emerged.

Percy stared at him, the golden armour, dark pink cloak and as well as the colour of the Mohawk on his helmet. His golden sword glowed with a slightly pink light, as it was magnified in the night. His shield of that golden precious metal at his side, a lion head in the middle looked intimidating as the also mini lion heads at his chest plates. A spear he hid at his shield, its blade craved in a mark of a dove. He was tall and muscular with blonde long hair that is tied delicately and deliberately in flocks by colourful bands, from afar without that helmet, he would have looked like two legs walking lion. The darkness of the helmet hid his face, yet sparks of red still gleamed in that sockets above his cheeks.

He charged at the warriors, his sword held high as the Olympians seemed to be aware as they locked their shields tighter. He did not crash onto their formation to crumble it, it was his roar, that tremendous roar that cracked the ground, that pushed back the standing ground of the Olympian warriors. He crashed in between the hole of their formation, fighting with that almighty form, the skills Percy had never witnessed. He moved like wind, as if his toes never once touched the ground, Percy could see his movement, but the weird thing was that as he wield his sword, Percy could never catch up with it, as so see where he attacked to block. Even in his wolf ability, that sharp eyes never once picked up the movement of his sword. He used the shields so effectively, that no a single blade from the Olympians could manage to touch his skin not armour, as if he had trained his entire life for that moment.

Artemis rushed over to Percy's side as she tried to help him up, brushing his cheek to check for more damage but now Percy attention was more towards the saviour or is it?

He fought like a lion in battle, although as he knew what formation the warriors were going to form and destroyed it before they even started. One by one, their number was shrunk and many fallen at the golden warrior's blade, yet only his sword that was tainted in their blood.

"Do not escape!" He demanded, glancing at all the remaining warriors.

As his word came out, people was confused even more of why the wavering troops did not escape but put all their might to attack him. Even from afar, Percy could feel the effect that he was urging just to lay there and await his fate.

As last it came just the last soldier, he was broken, yet couldn't escape because of a demand that forbid him from carrying it.

"You will not get away from this" the Olympian warrior snarled. "Your mother won't save you this time!"

"Actually" the new comer dropped a dead warrior on the ground and looked at the last man of his group. "I got this order from my mother"

The Olympian warrior widened his eyes in shock as the mysterious man wield his hand, pink smoke came from nowhere and surrounded the broken warrior as he tried to run, but the smoke came thicker and denser until he was choke in it to dead.

For awhile, everything seemed to be silent as he just stared at the carnage he had shed and stood there with his back facing us. Then suddenly he spoke.

"Artemis, why can't you never stop getting into troubles so I can have a decent holiday?"

He turned back and removed his helmet, Artemis was shockingly grinning the moment she saw his face and moved from Percy's side towards him.

"Paecus you little bastard" she said and the next thing she did confused Percy's the most, she embraced him into a tight hug as he gave her back the equal strength.

"How did you know I was in trouble?" Artemis gave out and asked.

"Pray to my mother" he told her. "She watched over you and since she could not fight the warriors, I got sent into this mess instead."

"You didn't have to make the entrance there you moron!" She punched his chest only to have him smiling.

"I came just in time ok" he said. "My Pegasus had flew an entire distance from Paris to here. You better treat me with something nice or I won't let this over with"

Then his face turned to Percy, as his eye stared at him and Percy's mouth wanted to drop. That eyes, it was unmistakably whose blood he was carrying. Who would have thought Aphrodite's kid would be warlike such as this, even Piper he met wasn't like him. He was good looking obviously from his mother, a man about twenty as he walked closer to Percy, Artemis folded her arms as smiled at the confused wolf.

"So...this is the werewolf I was appointed to save?" He said disbelievingly. "I thought your kind must be as strong as the gods"

Percy was insulted by his words and wanted to protest, but Artemis spoke before him.

"He was not raised with his people Paecus" Artemis said. "He has Titan blood as well so the werewolf power is not fully inherited."

"Hm" Paecus scratched his chin, as if he had known something but surprised by the new, his eyes narrowed. "Interesting"

With that he turned to Artemis, startled her.

"So what do you have for dinner?"

Jealousy now surged all over Percy and for the first time he had to admit it. Not that Artemis was so close to Paecus, but even the Hunters were so happy when they do him, as if he was there long lost cousin. Percy's attention was shifted from their eyes. After dinner, which Percy had never seen the hunters and Artemis happier than ever, they sat at the fire camp area and burnt marshmallow, a young hunter sat on his laps, some other scooted at his side and Percy had never thought they would allow themselves to be close to a man like this before. That just irritated him even more that Artemis was comfortable with it and her eyes gleamed at the stories he told them.

"What's wrong?" He felt a nudge at his side and turned to see Thalia, chewing her marshmallow.

"Nothing" Percy muttered as he focus back to the burning stick, he didn't even pay attention to how dark his marshmallow had become, it was like a chunk of charcoal stuck on a piece wood now.

Thalia followed his gaze and smirked. "Look who's jealous here" that sneer as she jerked her eyes to him just irritated Percy even more.

"I'm not jealous" he said, though his tone revealed much of how he felt.

"Oh stop hiding already" Thalia laughed as she slapped his shoulder. "It's written all over your face"

keep up arguing with her, it would just embarrassing him even more so he just kept quite. After awhile, Thalia seemed to

She said, smiling at the fire. "Don't think that you are the first male that is allowed to live in the Hunt. You should

someone a legend" Percy said bitterly, even though he hated, he had to admit Paecus fighting skills was far no one can catch

his jealousy intrigued her since she rarely see him

him please" Percy said and but Thalia pulled him up with reply and dragged him across the camp fire.

He tried to

Thalia winked as they stopped in front the guy he didn't want to talk at

stopped playing with a young hunter on his laps and his grin turned into a smile, but his eyes showed that boredom to Thalia as a mockery.

it now Thals"

know how you become a celebrity amongst the gods" she

Thalia clapped her palm on

old Thals never change with the dealing matters by

hunters behind

they settled, Thalia dragged Percy despite his struggle to the ground in front of Paecus, the hunters form a smaller circle as the fire dancing behind them. That got Percy uncomfortable the most

Perseus" Paecus smiled at him, but he knew that Percy was forced to do

for him, her palm still locked on his mouth, forbidden him to talk. At last he managed to yank it off and glared

clapped his hand. "So I assume

a counterpart as Roman named Diana. The Romans and Greeks never

Mars, Roman counterpart of Ares, the god of war. That year where their

all the war he had experienced rippled from his

but he did not know and was thought to be dead. After finding the new of his cohort, he tried to return to New Rome, but was afraid to be punished by retreating from the battle without permission. So he stayed at the northern border of America. The person he saved happened to be a daughter of Mars, and that my family established from their. My great grandparents, both children of Mars and half-blood mean they attract

Artemis direction. He realised what he felt for her was a taboo, it was incest he had to commit.

West, so he

I was born, but Aphrodite told me they lived together and he was one of the first demigods ever since the civil of

him. "If your father is half Roman half mortal and your mother is a Greek goddess.

young hunters still confused by what Percy

from Mars and 50% from

let him go to a mortal war, he never came back. Although it was possible to form, my existence is not acceptable and must be destroyed. But Aphrodite went against the rules and raised me in her belly, I drank the goddess milk as she carried me and lived under the Olympian for years without them noticing. By getting the gods food and essence directly from Aphrodite, I'm stronger than any other demigods and my power would match with any of the gods. But my secret couldn't be kept forever. Fearing that my identity would be discovered, Aphrodite birthed me when I was now 5 at the time and sent me to Rome, hoping Mars would accept. But who

said they had similar story, they both had no home now, everyone wants to kill them from

risk that would reveal her crime and my safety. That is when this lady came into

at Artemis, who just

participate in the hunt for me, and had no interest to

and Aphrodite is so close" Percy made an attempted

accepted me to take refuge in her hunt."

smug" Artemis solved him. "Your mother promised me the location of

found it anyway" Paecus

Percy. "I lived and trained in her hunt for a time and trust me, it never once pleasant, but at least I knew

and Aphrodite decided to send me to Hades, king of the Underworld the most neutral god at the time. I trained under him for

awhile, suddenly Paecus eyes widened as he

your mother is sent to Tartarus, so

Artemis mouth hung opened, trying to get in the words.

mother then"

moron!" Artemis slapped his head nearly knocked Paecus to the

ground, brushing the back of his

"I saved you first."

"Seas can be emptied, mountains

laughed their heads off since they never dared to speak about their own goddess, but well

he continued telling

even though Aphrodite was annoying sometimes, but besides Artemis, Hestia and Leto, she got his

both on Greek and Roman. Why name was that time known by the demigods, but

and Jason took down a

rebel against the gods." Artemis chuckled.

Olympians by the second Giant war with Gaia and for my distribution in the war, I

called to do her missions." Artemis continued ranting with a playful

you gave me the stupid partly immortality like your hunters"

have a bunch of them here Paecus" Phoebe

the werewolf, startled him. "There will be time your existence will be known. Just be patient and let time decides, your and mine fate have similar aspects, and I know one day, your time will come just like mine. Ten

silent. All the jealousy towards Paecus was now filled with respect. He had lots to learn from this person, and now he had accepted why they call him a legend. As Artemis

his hands. "Bedtime

the small hunters on their forehead as they moved along. Thalia got into the he line as he stopped at her

you a little overage to get good

to give you a goodnight gift" she smiled innocently and a bucket of cold water landed on Paecus head. Thalia started laughing along with the old

his cheek before joining

her, wet from head

fake gag as she rolled her eyes. "Oh please, it's not like this is something new to you.

his body, a moment later, his clothes had changed into a

of her"

gonna hit the pillow, we will discuss about what to do next

stare, not people he he directed to sense it, but it was reflected his his iridescent eyes. A familiar sense and smell and that mysterious

staring at his back until he disappeared into the cold darkness. He dazzled out until Artemis stood in front of him.

hand as he just shook

I don't know but I really want to write

day which exhausted him, yet he could not sleep. He wanted to know what Paecus showed him, a scene of something

night, a sound, a humming voice lingered, though the wood and the tent that Percy's ear caught it. He opened his eyes, stared at the ceiling as the humming sound had now at the back of his mind. He looked over to Artemis, who was clinging

the trees, their leaves and against the wind. Percy

him, yet the lake laid still, only the grass was moved gently like waves of the ocean. Paecus observed the clear night sky, as the stars glittered up high as if they were standing in a carven of gems. Then he started to hum that song again, and Percy just stood there and silent. But now it came more powerful, his voice came deeper until it made sound as Paecus sang in the silence of the night. It was an ancient foreign language, but somehow, Percy caught up and understood perfectly every

your pace, follow the

of ice, gods

once walked with

to land

moon, its delighted

change their

tales, up-high

fought would be

allies once facing

they added for one head-nod.

bleed, added their

were betrayed by Mountain

Timeless Hall, the

with paths that save

fleet, when

howl to rally all.

pace, follow the


race, once walked with

great journey to land Adar.

same with the one I uploaded, if you guys can sing it than congratulations, you just made my day. Here's the


over the misty mountains

dungeons deep and caverns

away, ere break

our pale enchanted

dwarves of yore made mighty

hammers fell like

places deep, where dark


ancient king

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