Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Chapter 37 Tale of the City of Love

Percy’s Point of View

The ray of light penetrated the room, scanning on Artemis's cheek as they sparkled with her silver radiant. Her long eyelashes shuttered and the curtains opened for her silver eyes to shine. She stared directly at his chest, her eyes widened when Artemis realised the position they were in. Half of her was on his body, her leg swung around one of his and her arm around his torso as if he was a giant bolster that Artemis struggled to have a whole wrap around it. Then his eyes, that sea green eyes blinked and opened to descent on her face. Artemis fluttered as she looked away. His arm automatically unwrapped around her waist and she broke free of that embarrassment.

Artemis jolted up, clapped her hands at her chest as Percy still laid there confusingly. Even though they had been sleeping on the same bed for a time, but no matter how many times they've slept together like this, it still sent her heart pacing and her mind running places every morning she opened her eyes to see him. Normally it was just Percy clinging at her back and her hugging the bolster, but this morning with his arms around her and she hugged him like her life depended on it, it was off the roof that now Artemis just wanted to dig a hole into Hades and throw her head in it. The silver pyjamas dress she wore now felt exposed more than everything. At the beginning, Percy always complained how she always wore her uniform to go to sleep. It wasn't like she wanted to, she couldn't just wear comfortable clothes to sleep with a male next to her, but over time that feeling of security wear off and she was now felt more confident to return to her pyjamas around him. But the problem was she could never be in her 12 version since Percy kept making fun of her in the pyjamas and told her adorable and stuff, so she decided to changed into a teenager age, that somehow shut him up completely. It was like the older she looked, the more authority she had. But now that teenager look back fired her since the pyjamas was a bit smaller, her breasts looked more exposed and plus the bras that didn't help  the situation. She wonder why Percy had never noticed it, perhaps he had no interest on her? The thought made Artemis looked down a bit, but she quickly shook that ridiculous thought off and dropped off the bed. 

"Stop being a snail riding a sloth and get up Perseus" she said, her back facing him. "The hunters will be angry if you serve them late breakfast"

"They're probably still waking anyway" Percy yawned, stretched a little.

"I won't let Paecus think that I favour you because you're carrying my blood and not applying my discipline!" Artemis turned back, her eyes glowed fire as the sleep immediately left his face. "Get up before I force you to"

Percy jumped off the bed, rushed towards the bathroom and Artemis heard the sound of teeth brushing hastily and water splashing and smirked to herself, at least he knew who was the boss in camp. It wasn't that she wanted to be harsh on him, ever since the incidence which Artemis never wanted to remain, she wouldn't want to terrify him to the point he has to leave again. Two times were enough.

He ran out and past her but her sharp eyes catches something.


He came to a halt, Artemis wanted to laugh as he tensed when she approached from behind. She faced him as he looked down at her. Stupid girl stereotypes and werewolf blood  that I can only reach your chin! She scowled at her height.

Artemis reached out her hand and Percy swallowed nervously until her fingers touched his shirt button that was not done probably and buttoned it.

"Be mindful walking around camp" her finger traced on that shirt button, inspecting it. "The hunters maybe comfortable with you, but they won't appreciate this."

He wanted to say something, but her demand 'go' sent his feet automatically walking to the door. The feeling of her fingers still lingered on his shirt.

Percy walked through camp, it was still early in the morning since the dews that formed on leaves hadn't been evaporated. The birds didn't even leave their nest and Percy now had to prepare for the hunter breakfasts. It wasn't that he had to, he just snapped his fingers and things would appear, he couldn't understand why Artemis wanted to make a big deal about it.

As Percy walked towards the kitchen, he noticed the light was on and the frying sound occurred within, a smell that hung the air fastened his appetite and watered his mouth. Percy made his way quickly to the kitchen door and noticed Paecus wearing an apron and was frying something as the fire blasting the pan bottom looked really delicate and exquisite. He noticed Percy and smiled.

"Morning Perseus" he turned to face him. That was the real weapon of Paecus that no one would know if not staying close to him. Besides the fighting skills he possessed, Paecus also a good actor that you would never know what he was hiding. He always appeared to be nice and kind, but once it gets down to his real nature, shivers will be consistently sending down your spine.

"I uh thought you don't have to do your duty anymore" Percy said nervously since the counter last night. Who would've known Paecus worked for two sides, both Olympians and Werewolves and no one had peeled off the cover until yesterday when he decided to reveal himself.

"Oh don't mind me" Paecus looked back at his apron and waved his hand. "It's a habit whenever I come back here, guess living with them for ten years needs time to change it. Have the morning off, breakfasts will be ready."

"If you say so then thanks" Percy said cautiously and retreated. It was even more intense staying close to Paecus now since he was the only person knew what Paecus was and that glance just piecing through Percy sent him chills. Percy also discovered that Paecus never stopped letting down his guard, his eyes always watching and his ears always listening, the pranks he accepted from Thalia yesterday was one of his acts.

The hunters were surprised when they already made their seats in the Pavillion and found Percy sitting among them, Thalia was the first to speak since the boredom was taking a living hell on her.

"When did you turn into a Sloth? Hurry up and make something! We don't have a whole day"

"Oh don't blame him" a voice came and and the hunters turned their head, Paecus smiled as he pushed forward the trolley full of food that looked to be serve in some exquisite places or for royal people. Head rise up and down, inspecting the plates of food.

"I wanted to serve you guys today" Paecus said as he placed the plates on the table. "It's been a long time"

The fragments of the food, consisted of egg and sauces, but he increased the acidity by adding apples and lemon made your mouth watered, raise your appetite in the early morning. The hunter's eyes turned starry as the plate landed in front of them.

"Dig in everyone" Paecus smiled and the hunters just waited for that.

The first sound of satisfaction came from Thalia and the Hunters just sat and enjoyed, forgetting all others.

"Try some too Perseus" Paecus handed him a plate and Percy hastily accepted. It was not a good idea to deny him since the hunters were on his side.

Percy took the first bite and the spring atmosphere surged into his mind, his mouth just wanted to taste more of that egg, the apple tingling from the acidity of lemon as it dissolved on his tongue. The egg was so soft as they jiggled when he applied a little force on the plate. It was far more delicious than any magical food Percy had ever summoned.

"I can't ever forget your cooking Paecus" Artemis moaned as she took another bite, closing her eyes to enjoy it.

"You just hurt Perseus a lot " He joked but at the moment, Percy did not care of anything except the food in front of him. With that, the pavilion was filled with moans from satisfaction every time their mouth contacted the egg.

After everyone was now panting, lounging on their chair without knowing what to do next, Paecus took unexpected turn as he stood on the chair and clang the knife with a glass.

*cling cling cling

"I need attention everyone!" Then once all heads turned to him, Paecus cleared his throat once before speaking. "I came here this time with another major duty but did not reveal due to the events yesterday."

He turned to Artemis, made her nervous a little. "The Olympians are on the run" he said. "America is not safe for Perseus anymore as I've scouted."

"Any suggestions?" Artemis asked.

"Well you must know that every major god is appointed a region to control on this earth" Paecus  told them. "My mother has promised to glamour you guys to hide from Olympus eyes if we can move to France, her region."

Percy now was more confused than ever. If Paecus wanted him to move north, then why now he suggested them to go France which was thousand of miles away from Alaska. Percy knew himself was dense and all, and words must be explained for him to comprehend. But what Paecus just said made no sense at all.

"Then what are we waiting for" Thalia stood up, already excited since she got to move out of this region. "Let's hog on a boat and sail across Atlantic"

"That..." Paecus immediately said. "Is a risky move Thals"


"The gods always look eastward. Across Atlantic maybe a short way to France, but we will be under the gods radar" Paecus explained. "We'll go west, across Pacific to Asia then France. It's longer indeed, but safer than going East. Even though Asia is Apollo's regions, I don't think he would betray Artemis. Besides it's still better to run into Apollo than Poseidon in Atlantic."

"Hm" Artemis contemplated, resting her chin on her finger. "It's a good idea but how can we go that far? I can't teleport this many for a long distance"

vibrating. Then cloud from the sky descent as they formed

thought about it." Paecus smiled.

it pink?" Percy stared, only to have Paecus

my favourite

Aphrodite squealed as she ran

in fluffy bed and floated on the air across two continents. The journey did not

background for the Eiffel Tower magnified its steel metallic colour. There and then, couples hanging around the park on the street and tourists pouring into the city as if there was no end to the place. Despite the hunters winkled their noses

the only thing weird was except

in annoyance as she leaned back

to approach Percy, whom was tensing up the moment her attention shifted to him. Despite he had been near Aphrodite for many times, it was hard to not shut out his system and

meanie Artemis" she pouted then smiled cheekily to the hunters. "Welcome to my mortal palace

stairs" Paecus suddenly approached them. "Everything has been prepared for you guys. Get dressed cuz we're gonna have a celebration

they followed a staff to an elevator. Aphrodite immediately turned

miss you" Aphrodite wrapped her arms around his neck. "I knew you are the only person that can do

every time mum" Paecus rolled his eyes.

them. Both looked like the same age and all couples would be jealous with their immortal

Aphrodite suddenly stated, rested her cheek on Paecus shoulder. "Aren't you guys look

him. Artemis blushed but still gave Aphrodite her

to fight over this" Artemis scoffed as she picked up her bag and

moved without Artemis protection from her power. At the

face lit up

to be more described by the time Percy made it down stair. Hunters collided with dress that stunned Percy. He was surprised since none of them had ever cloaked the dresses on, they seemed to turned into different people. As Percy looked up the chandelier, the music started, the caliph sound of violin combined with other instruments and she

tied into an elaborated bun with her ethereal pale skin, smooth like silk. As she stroll down the stair, her sparkling silver eyes darting until it fixed on him and her smile came, the room lit up, the sound of music with everything present in the room collided

broke the icy silence and rushed to the

Artemis side made her feel annoyed than appreciated the complement.

they present forth in front of Percy, as his jaws touching the floor from

She said, inspecting his reaction.


from the charm of Artemis beauty and clapped hie hand on the goddess of love mouth, since she had known the only secret he had in his heart that did not want to

struggled to get off his hold. "It's just you always wear jackets and jeans so the dress made it a bit

didn't want to ruin the

the most beautiful person

tied extraordinarily complicated like a lion  mane. Then they looked at

"Perseus?" She frowned.

"How-" Percy stuttered.

black eyes, her raven black hair that stern and cautious look on her face. But it seemed like those had either faded or some traces magnified with her amour had been replaced by

you doing

could reply and it seemed every person within the radius of hearing Paecus voice, excluded


me about this" Artemis said as

start babbling about me to be careful and breaking someone's heart. Yeh like I would"

Paecus looked at Reyna to whom was now feeling uncomfortable when many eyes were on her.

me and my friends last time."

Paecus gave out a

thought I had put a warning to

she approached, seemed

his mother said. "It was just a minor

being surrounded by an army of monsters in the middle of the wood is not minor to me" Percy suddenly blurted out and Aphrodite gave him the glare that terrified him to the core. Even Artemis shook her head at

you knew my girlfriend

help them" Aphrodite smiled innocently. "She's

my girlfriend we are talking about. Shouldn't I be called to

holiday" Aphrodite pouted, playing with her fingers as Paecus sighed since he could do nothing against his mother. She was always careless like that but inside the goddess of love, she had other purposes that didn't calling her son. Only if Percy understood why she asked him

the dance floor was new to them. As Percy watching, Artemis approached made him nearly knocked over everything

not to let a cup drop on the floor and grinned stupidly at her. Artemis was nervous, but she seemed to cope with the situation better than him. Holding her

gave one last look back at Paecus as he raised his cup at her and nodded. Artemis turned to face Percy again. "Wanna

what she expected. It was priceless, contained

finger at her then at himself. "Want me to

or in fact by getting angry, she

said even thought he could not comprehend

"You in or not?"

her hand that was hanging at her side when he thought she attempted to leave and Artemis suddenly tensed. Percy now just realised what he just did and every molecules made up his body just stopped function. Even afar, Artemis could sense Aphrodite clapping her palm against

held his own

bright red but he could do

the dance floor. Percy seemed at the time like a lifeless body that only his feet seemed to work and followed her lead since his mind was all blank

like flow of stream that shifted and moved between them, their eyes that locked and the silver and green collided when their feet started moving, as their bodies under the golden light of the

the disciplines  were that forgotten in time. The music blowed at their ears, its sound travels in their heart as the tingling of notes picked at their mind as if their inside exploded with feelings of each other. Their eyes locked as they moved, Artemis capture that bright from his shined down on her and she just stared in wonder of his perfect features. Her soft cold hand landed on his, as Percy embraced and treasured that softness as it warmed slowly by their contact of skin. He pulled her closer, made a spin of magnificent as the tail of her dress circling with silver starlight, sparkling on the wooden dance floor. Their surroundings seemed to fade, as the time froze in track as the wind silent and the world stopped moving. Dancing with him, as if it was in a different world, a new perspective as he sent her to a realm of peacefulness. The floor turned to grass, the bright

her to move closer as her lips yearned for his touch as it trembled at the waiting. But suddenly

could dance" Artemis said in sarcasm, trying to divert the

lived for three thousand years" he surged. "Even being isolated on an island, at least I should know a few things. Beside Leto has taught me many

expected you to know how to


I thought you were going to break my foot with your heels" he laughed

about taking a joke seriously. He glared at her at first, but that beauty weakened his intimidation that all

are you

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