Please Be Gentle With Me Mr Grant

Chapter 118 Still Working?

On the way, Matthew didn’t talk.

He could tell Blanca was ignoring him... And this made him quite uncomfortable. But his pride didn’t allow him to ask any more questions.

When they arrived home, Mrs. Brown had already made dinner. Blanca helped her set the table and started eating when Matthew was seated. In less than ten minutes, she wiped her mouth and put down her spoon, “I’m full. Excuse me but I need to go back to my room.”

Then she ran upstairs.

Matthew squinted his eyes and stared at the empty seat.

“Mr. Grant, are you having an argument with Mrs. Grant?”

Mrs. Brown couldn’t help asking. This morning before they went to work, they looked quite fine and Blanca gave him a massage. Why were they so different when they got back?

Matthew wanted to know too.

“Mrs. Brown, you should take a rest.”

Matthew also stood up.

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