Please Love Me, Mr. George

Please Love Me, Mr. George

Authors:Sophie Johnson
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Remembering Benjamin's words, I hurriedly went to turn on the computer again.

When I logged on to my email, it was an electronic copy of the divorce agreement signed by Dennis, along with a notarized certificate of all the property in his name with the transfer agreement.

As Benjamin said, the net is out of the family, Dennis did not keep a dime for himself.

What exactly is Dennis planning, or has he and Benjamin made some kind of deal?

No, still unsure, must ask.

When I pressed the dial button, I thought it was too risky to talk directly, so I used Facebook to try it out first.

[After so many years together, even if we want to break up, shouldn't we also say it clearly in person?

After editing, immediately clicked send, however, the next second, a blinding red exclamation mark appeared on the screen, along with a small line of text to remind.

[Your message has been sent, but rejected by the other party].

Dennis blacked me out?

Calling again is the same, always a reminder on the call.

I couldn't pretend to be calm anymore, so I called Benjamin directly.

He was quick to pick up, "Don't say you've fallen in love with me first, not even for a second apart."

I just want to say, well, it does get greasy.

"What did you do to Dennis?" I wasn't in the mood to joke with him.

"Isn't it inappropriate to open your mouth to another man with whom you are about to start a relationship?"

"Do not bullshit, you already know that I have not put him down in my heart, it is your own choice to make me forget him is your responsibility as a suitor not mine, want me to feel more good about you, then hurry up and tell me."

"It's okay to tell you, but you need to change your temper, I really don't like the way you're talking to me right now." There was some murmuring on the phone, muddying Benjamin's voice so much that I couldn't analyze his truest emotions from it.

But nothing was more important than Dennis' safety and security, so I could only quickly adjust my mood and lower my attitude to beg him, "OK, it's my fault, I shouldn't have been so impulsive, I apologize, you probably didn't get it right, what I meant was that I wanted Dennis to be safe during the time I was teaching you how to love someone so that I could devote myself to giving you the experience you wanted. experience."

Benjamin was convinced, "GOOD, you're good for reasoning, I forgive you, don't worry, I didn't do anything to him, except I wanted you to break clean and start with me again, so I made a deal with him and gave him what he wanted, that's all."

"What did you give?" I asked again.

"Certainly something good enough for him to trade for you as a family."


Before I could ask any more questions, all that was left on the receiver was a busy tone and Benjamin hung up the phone.

Looking at the empty house, I gradually regained my senses, Leo is right, Benjamin actually knows very well that Dennis is my weakness, as long as the game does not stop, Dennis can live unharmed.

I shouldn't have made that call, this will only expose my feelings for Dennis more thoroughly, and in the future, if I want to pretend to be attracted to Benjamin, I'm afraid it won't be so easy to win his trust.

Before going to bed, he sent Leo a Facebook message about what just happened, and he flirted heartlessly on the other side, "That's good, accepting other men's good intentions, and also telling Dennis to be anxious and anxious."

Not in the mood for jokes, he simply turned off his phone and lay back down to sleep.

Benjamin seems to be very keen on the game of catching up with me, and volunteered to come to the house early in the morning to make breakfast with love.

I came downstairs just in time to see him with his apron on, preparing sandwiches on the cooking table.

Nanny and they were all driven out, guarding the kitchen outside, not daring to go in and disturb, nor good to go directly to the lazy, can only stand and dry anxious.

Seeing me coming, Nanny hurriedly greeted me and explained, "Mrs. George, Mr. Vance this ......"

"It's okay, you guys go to the back, help clean up, and leave the place alone."

After dismissing the maid, I walked in, grabbed an apron and tied it on, and naturally helped him out.

Benjamin looked up at me and said, "Actually, you don't have to do anything at all, these things in the kitchen are very simple, I can soon learn all of them, and in the future, three meals a day, I will cook for you."

I don't know where it went wrong, I subconsciously shivered after hearing it, I always felt weird, "Are you pleasing me now?"

Benjamin wiped his hands, pulled his phone out of his pants pocket, unlocked it, and pointed the screen at me.

The mobile interface is an open document.

The title is # quickly enhance the intimacy of the two sides of the hundred little things

At the top of the list is to make a nice breakfast and eat it with each other.

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