Please Love Me, Mr. George

Chapter 60 Encountering Leo

I glanced at him inexplicably, “What’s the matter?”

He was unhappy, “Does going out alone with me make you feel wronged? You’ve so quickly made a few calls and called all of your friends along.”

I ignored his child-like temper. I looked at how prosperous City A had become and sighed, “City A is developing rather quickly.”

My gaze fell on Twin Towers in the bustling area, and looked at Luis and said, “This office building is so tall!”

He knew that I was changing the subject, and said angrily, “The George Group’s office is no shorter than this, and this is not a company’s office building.”

I was a little curious, “You know about it?”

He gave an acknowledgment, and said lightly, “My mother and a technology boss bought this place, and she’s got a bond firm in it.”

When I thought of Luna, I admire this woman a bit. She was as rich as she was beautiful.

I recalled previously when I ate at L Community, she mentioned that she seemed to have a daughter, I couldn’t help but looked at Luis gossipy and asked, “Do you still have a sister?”

Luis didn’t seem to like being mentioned by others and said with a bit more gloom on his face, “That’s her daughter, it has nothing to do with me!”

Judging from his response, I knew I couldn’t ask too much. I saw that there was a puff shop in the basement of the Twin Towers, I suddenly wanted to eat it.

I looked at Luis and said, “You can go to the mall first to wait for Mario and Diana, and I’m going to buy some stuff.”

After speaking, I walked directly towards the puff shop. Both Diana and I liked to eat it. We were very similar to a certain extent.

After ordering a few puffs, I started to daydream of my memories of when I was a child which were long forgotten. I only remembered that I like to eat sweet snacks, that were cold.

Suddenly a low voice sounded in my ears which was familiar yet unfamiliar as if

weren’t for the

thought that I

the fear of Leo. I didn’t know when this started, but whenever I perceive his presence, even if it is thousands of miles

body began to feel like it had fallen into the ice cave. My breathing began to be difficult, and my hands

the man’s voice was low, with an incomparable indifference, “Clara, it’s

body stiffened and my breathing began to become abnormal. I saw the puff boss handing me

pulled me back and placed the puff in

some time, I managed to calm my breathing and adjusted my breaths. I abruptly took a few steps back, suppressing my body’s fear, and said in a trembling voice, “Sorry, you’ve got the wrong

haven’t met in five

had ever said that he will not take the initiative to find me unless fate allows us to

big that as long as he left Newton

expect that I would meet

Leo’s location, I found Luis and Diana. I handed Diana the disfigured puffs in her hands, and said in a trembling

when she saw how nervous I was, she looked at me and said, “What’s the

I said, with a tremor

shock, her eyes were a little dazed, and it took a long time before she dragged me and said, “Go,

this, so he frowned and asked what the


of the mall, then took a taxi and went straight to the hotel.

from City A to Newton Town, Diana and I held each other’s hands tightly on the plane. No one spoke, but we both knew that we were in a

got off the plane, Diana and I took a taxi back to YT Apartment. When we got home, she locked all the doors and windows

time before she looked up at me, her eyes were already red, “Clara, what

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