Please Love Me, Mr. George

Chapter 61 The Headlines

I had no idea what was going on. So I went to work as usual. When I arrived, there were only a few staffs in the company as I got up much earlier this morning. However, those managers in charge of the financial department who always greeted me with a warm morning smile before actually started to gossip about me behind my back.

I frowned, confused. When I entered my office, Jackie hadn’t arrived yet.

I flipped to scan all documents on my desk and signed those needed. About an hour later, Jackie entered. She paused a bit when seeing me. Then she greeted with a smile.

However, she looked a bit weird. After sorting out all the signed documents, she was about to leave.

While noticing that she seemed to feel like telling me something, I said, “Your expression tells me something strange happened. What is it?”

She paused with surprise and answered awkwardly, “Miss Kennedy, are you really dating with Mr. Collins?”

I was rendered so confused that I asked again, “Who?”

“Luis Collins!” she still looked curious while looking at me. Then she continued, “The gossip news about you and him has been spread for a few days. What’s worse, someone released the photos that you and Mr. Collins spent a whole night together in a hotel of City A. But Miss Kennedy, you haven’t divorced Mr. George though you have just had a miscarriage, right? So why do you...”

I was so confused and asked, “What?”

Hearing that, she showed me her phone and then clicked on the local news column.

I started to read carefully. On the screen there shown a headline, the content of which started from my meal with Luis in the downtown area while he was driving his fancy Maybach. And then the gossip was followed by all kinds of posts of rumors. It had gone so worse that I was described as a slut.

Those posts really struck my head. No wonder those financial managers stared at me with such a weird look.

So that was why Dennis changed the lock of the villa and put me on the blacklist?

My head ached even more when it suddenly occurred to me that it was Luis who picked up my call in the hotel at that time.

I had never expected that all those troubles rushed to me altogether.

phone was buzzing. Seeing that,

a call from Luis. I got annoyed again and answered it, “What’s

you read about the headliner?”

replied with a

like to come with me?”

my brows to alleviate my annoyance. Then I replied, “I’m not free for that. And you should think about some ways

no one to turn to except

silence, he answered, “I

I added, exhausted, “Don’t bring me any

no idea how soon Leo would come to the Newton Town again. If the relationship between me and Dennis ran into a collapse because of the rumor, the hellish experience happening five years ago would


up the call, I put away my phone. I stood up after a while

time. Now it was empty and even Toby had disappeared

quiet office.


the door open. My impassive heart couldn’t help beating violently again as

office was spacious. So the sound of typing could be clearly caught in

just stared at him while he focused on his work attentively. There was no doubt that

was being too focused. He didn’t even raise up his head. Instead, he

stood still and remained

while did he stopped to look at me, frowning. When noticing that it was me, he looked a bit colder, “What’s the

sounded obviously

I need a talk with you.” I deemed it necessary to explain about the

with him?”

meant at the beginning. But

enough?” he let out a deep and cold smile while staring at me, which

I make a formal declaration about the rumors. So

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